A shy but shiny jewel on the ocean

A shy but shiny jewel on the ocean


Menorca surely is one of the best destinations for a family trip or a summer escapade. It may not be as famous as it’s popular sibling Ibiza, or as big as Majorca, but there’s a hidden charm In this shy little island that will surely captivate the tourist attention and heath once they get to know this place of wonders.

Even though the touristic activities are in a bit of a pause because of the pandemic situation that has been affecting travels all around the globe, this doesn’t mean that this article about the goods of traveling wouldn’t be useful for planning vacations for your next off season.

Relax and beauty as far as the eye reaches

Menorca, as well as the other Balearic islands, is part of a natural reserve, which means that all of this territory is protected against activities that would otherwise harm the environment. In practical terms this means that in these islands is one of the best places around all Europe to find crystal clear waters, fresh air, and lesser crowded places.

In the other hand, as the fame and reputation of Majorca and Ibiza might seem as a downfall for Menorca, it is actually one of its advantages. As its bigger and more famous siblings have become a centre for the wilder kind of tourists, Menorca has become more appealing for those who are looking for more of a family friendly environment, or even a more private, pacific and romantic type of vacation, thus making it one of the best places for honeymoons.


Town, sea or other islands, the options are there for everyone

Another big advantage of vacationing in menorca is that, even thought it might not be as noisy and crowded, it is still a place that’s very aware of its touristic potential, and surely knows how to be up to the task.

Menorca offers many solutions in matters of transport, which makes traveling around the island much easier for the tourists. Public transport tends to be efficient and punctual, but it surely takes some time to catch on the right bus. Another popular option for travelers is the use of rental car services. Luckily for the tourists, those are quite easy to find through a simple rent a car Menorca search.

Once the transportation issues are due, it will be pretty easy for the travelers to notice that there are plenty of options of activities to do at menorca’s numerous beaches, the major towns, and even activities such as hiking, sailing, fishing, and much more.

Taking a boat trip to the other islands and being able to return for the sunset is also an available option for those who want to get even more out from this single experience. Menorca will surely have something fit for everyone’s needs.


Frances Bailey