Drug Testing Types

Drug Testing Types


When you start your own business and grow big enough to hire employees you will want to ensure that they are not utilizing drugs. Drugs can hinder a person’s ability to do their job safely. From driving equipment to safely interacting drugs can affect everything. But drug testing is more complicated than first assumed. Where do you even start? What type of drug test should you use? Are there certain times that it isn’t legal to drug test someone? How do you do it without stereotyping? Consider all these things when drug testing in Overland Park.

The Times to Test

There are a few common times that employers drug test their employees. One of these is pre employment. If you are looking at hiring an employee then you may send them to a drug testing facility right off the bat. A lot of different companies do this; typically companies that require people to operate large dangerous equipment or work with disabled or older individuals. This can help weed out a problem before it even becomes one.

Suspicion Testing is common as well. This is when you just notice a large change in someone’s personality so you ask them to be drug tested. In this event you have to be careful that the person will not feel stero-typed. A lot of employers call a suspicion test a ‘random’ test just to avoid employees from feeling picked on.

Random drug testing is when you randomly generate a couple of employees to take a drug test. This often happens on a monthly basis. Drug testing companies can also take care of this for you. They can randomly generate and call employees for testing if you don’t want to have to worry about it. It has been proven that random testing has helped curb drug use because people are never sure when they will get tested. So they avoid drug use all together.

Post accident testing is basically required for all companies that require you to drive a company vehicle. This test happens if you have an accident in a company car. Accidents happen but they are more common when people have been drinking or using drugs. So just to rule this out a lot of companies will take you to be tested after an accident to be drug testing in Overland Park.

Testing Types

When it comes to drug testing most people just think of the classic pee in a cup style test. However, this is not the only test that can find drugs in a system. Another common drug test is a hair analysis. A hair analysis takes a small trimmed piece of hair and sends it to a lab. This test is very specific and can tell actual times and types of drugs that were used.

Urinalysis is very common. This is when you go to a drug testing company and they test your urine. The only negative to urinalysis is that it is a little easier to cheat. A person can bring in urine from another person if they are aware that they are going to be tested.

Mouth swab is another drug test that can be done. This is when a drug testing technician just swabs inside the mouth. This one is pretty common for post accident testing. It just rules out that drug use in the previous 48 hours did not have a factor in the accident that occurred.


In the end if you own your own company it is always a good idea to utilize drug testing techniques. It can help rule out any problems.

Frances Bailey