Top 2 Favorite Places of Traveller in Bintan Island

Top 2 Favorite Places of Traveller in Bintan Island

Eco-tourism lies in the heart of Bintan Island. The wonders of nature and exquisite beaches are the order of the day when it comes to this destination. The island also has historical importance which dates way back to the 16th century, in which it became a most important trading port in the South-East Asia area.

Tales of conflict, piracy, and power struggles to colour its previous, making the island more fascinating. Villages are also providing visitors with a glimpse into the natives’ culture, that is as intriguing as they are educational.

Penyengat Island

Penyengat Island, otherwise known as Penyengat Indera Sakti, is just a short motorised boat trip from the coast of the capital TanjungPinang of Bintan. It became rich and became part of the Riau-Johor sultanate a few centuries back in history and with all remnants of this Malay Empire’s illustrious past spread across the island. Among the landmarks, Masjid Raya Sultan Riau, or the Riau Sultanate’s Grand Mosque, stands tall Close to the harbour, welcoming visitors coming on ships.

The best approach is by motorcycle taxi, together with using unofficial fares anywhere between IDR 30,000-50,000 for a day trip. Additionally, this is due to the roads on the island dominated by both bikes and bicycles. They are too narrow for cars. It is a stopover for centuries fishers and by seafarers from all around Indonesia alone and the Southeast Asian region. Particularly southern Sulawesi’s Bugis tribes, you’ll encounter Bugis fishing villages around the coasts.

This small island is home to Kompleks Makam Raja-Raja, along with even the tombs of the sultans that follow on after a trip to Masjid Raya. Also, the wife of Sultan Mahmud Syah of Malacca and ruler of Penyengat in the time, the principal tomb of Engku Putri Raja Hamidah, has walls painted in yellow, just. Other tombs contain that of Raja Ali Haji, a hero who wrote the oldest book on Malay grammar, in addition to a broad body of Malay poetry.

On the hills of Penyengat Island, there are historical forts like Bukit Kursi that feature a vantage point across the open sea. Although the fort now sits in ruins, you can still go around and find a few old cannons. For the most inclined experience, head where it is possible to respect replicas of traditional stilt homes, together with dioramas and related cultural objects indoors. An excursion to Penyengat delivers insight to the region’s history, and the very best thing about travelling the small island is it doesn’t take a complete moment.

Trikora Beach

Trikora Beach or locally referred to is among Bintan Island’s most famous, located on the island coast in the Lagoi area. This assortment of four beaches was where the island’s main tourism activities were concentrated before improvements in the conclusion of the millennium, otherwise now called Bintan Resorts, to its north. But Trikora Beach has turned into from neighbouring Singapore, backpackers, as well as an alternate weekend getaway for locals.

The four beaches which produce the coastal strip are plotted south to north: Trikora Satu, Trikora Dua, Trikora Tiga and Trikora Empat along with the latter bordering Bintan Resorts. Trikora Tiga is really where the majority of the regional crowds visit and might appear a little busy compared to the strips. Local food sellers provide inexpensive and simple refreshments like soft beverages, coconuts and instant ramen noodles.

Trikora Beach provides an exotic tropical island beach escape. Some lengths of this shore area dotted with small thatch-roofed wooden huts. You can rent out of the natives (out of IDR 30,000) to get a relaxing colour and only a place to appreciate your half-day at the beach. Huge boulders of various shapes and sizes in between coconut palms add the beachscape and feature. For snorkelling, the waters are crystal clear during the season from April to September, offering great visibility.

Becoming Trikora Beach by the primary city heart of Tanjung Pinang about the island’s other hand is a 60km driveway. It is no hassle in case you happen to be staying in one of those resorts in the Bintan Resorts place becoming here. You can observe mangrove woods and marine conservation areas, along with glimpses of fishermen boats cruising around the waters that are remote and parked across the shore.

Ready to start your getaway to Bintan Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

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