What can you change with customization?

What can you change with customization?

Customization sounds a unique and very attractive idea, but what can you possibly do if you get a chance to create your shirt? You might be having a lot of ideas for your shirt, but some websites restrict you to a small range of options. With 12tees, you get a wide range of options to customize.


Even though the shirts are labeled small or extra-large, but they don’t fit either way. Creating your shirt gives you the benefit of getting a perfect size.


The design you found was good. The color was extremely good and according to your preference but the fabric prohibited you from buying the shirt. To avoid this frustration, 12tees gives you high-quality fabric so that you get all that you wanted from one platform.


You got the size you wanted and the perfect fabric. Now comes the stitching part. Maybe some of the shirts you have bought till now have the issue of durability. The sewing is not good enough to resist jerks and washes. But if you create your shirt from a reliable source like 12tees, you will never face this issue again.

Placket, Collar, And sleeves:

Creating your shirt with 12tees gives you an edge with a unique placket, collar, and sleeve design. You can adjust the length, the width, and the design too. If you need a different colored placket, you can have that too. Buttons become a trouble, but now your problem is solved. The choice of buttons is yours.

These are the main perks of creating your shirt, but when you start creating one, in reality, you will come to know more. Just be sure about the website you are planning to refer and their terms and conditions. Not every website is like 12tees to offer you all the benefits with proper customer support service.

Timothy Scott