5 Telltale Signs that Prove Your Security Camera is Hacked

When your security cameras are hacked, hackers can keep an eye on you at all times. Know that it is easy to hack a security camera. This article highlights a few telltale signs of a hacked camera. There are many ways to determine if the camera or your baby monitor or nanny cam is being compromised. When there is a lack of basic security features, default features, simple passwords, and camera hacking apps can render baby monitors, webcams, and security cameras hacked. Look out for these telltale signs.

  1. Abnormal noises emitting from baby monitor and IP camera

It is hard to detect if your IP camera has been hacked. But there is an underestimated yet a very obvious one. If there is a strange noise emitted from your security camera, then, undoubtedly your security camera has been compromised and someone is keeping an eye on through your camera. When a baby monitor is hacked, the hackers listen to your conversations and much more.

  1. Check if there are any changes with the security settings

Another way to ensure if your security camera is hacked by checking if the security settings and passwords have any changes or is being set to default. The hacker permeating your system may leave some trace or information on the settings.

  1. Check if the camera is rotating in an abnormal manner

If you notice that the security camera is following your movement, then note that there is something more than hacked with that camera. If a pan tilt camera is hacked, it’s controlled by the hacker’s side. The camera or baby monitor may rotate by its own means or point to a different position that usual.

  1. Keep an eye on the illuminated LED light

If the LED light is on but you didn’t turn it on, then it is a sure shot sign that your camera is being compromised and accessed as well. When your security camera is hacked, it is controlled fully, no matter if it is turning off or on. If the LED light is illuminated and you know you have not turned the camera on, beware!

  1. Keep an eye on the data flow of the security camera

You can also check if the security camera is hacked by tracking the data flow on your network as well as on your surveillance camera. Keep an eye on the sudden spikes on your network traffic that may signify something abnormal invalid login in your video feed.

Clare Louise