A Complete Guide to Virtual phone number

A Complete Guide to Virtual phone number

Knowing what is virtual phone number?

Virtual number also specifically known as direct inward dialing (DID), is just a phone number but, it is not associated by any phone line.

These numbers have their importance and vogue in call center (B.P.O) business. They are programmed just to forward the incoming call to a predetermined telephone number that may be chosen by subscriber or client of the number. Managing and using virtual number do not require any additional communication device, like the user need not to buy any hardware or cell phone as it can be used on the existing smartphone by installing the software.

Understanding use of virtual number:

There is no physical phone line attached to DID. Virtual phone number can be used and valid all across the globe.

They are used to manage calls as per requirement during working and non-working hours. These just artificial intelligent phone numbers act as mediators to direct the incoming call to the right person. Like, in a customer care or service center, the IVR greeting is played first, and then options are provided about the requirement of customer, and the call is directed to the right technical support person if the customer wants and choose to speak to them. So, all the calls are routed by this virtual number to the destination.

Virtual phone number use internet and make the calling and receiving process easy and it is harmonious with multiple devices like laptop, tablet, smartphone all connected via internet.

It is easy to track and monitor the call and performance through virtual number. Virtual number enables to keep a track record of all the calls taken, missed along with the duration of call and how long it took to receive a call by the agent. The calls are recorded so it enables for better understanding of issues if any. Therefore, virtual number has its importance in customer care services.

How to get virtual phone number?

It is as simple as buying a sim card. Just buy a virtual number through any company, add users on the same number and get started by calling and receiving calls.  There are many well rooted companies including Mightycall which is the best grasshopper alternatives that provide virtual number.  There are different plans that, allows the business holder to manage and add users accordingly. By doing this, you pay only for what you use.

Beneficial effects of virtual number for business:

  • Global connection: Through virtual number, many clients can be added through a same number globally.
  • Uninterrupted flow of communication: Since no calls will be missed as virtual number, direct the call to the available service man, so there will be continuous flow of communication and thus it will build healthy business relations with happy customers.
  • Beneficial especially for startups: you can buy a virtual number of any country and work from different country or location. The local number allows you to build a good client lead as some customers believe calling on local number is easy and worth. This enables you to reach global clients. More clients are proportional to more business.

Everett Owensby