Enjoy online gaming without using up cellular data

Enjoy online gaming without using up cellular data

An unusual spike in your cellular data usage can sometimes be caused by online gaming, especially if your general usage has not changed. However, it’s worth remembering that not every game requires the same amount of bandwidth, and some won’t even need an internet connection. If you’re careful with what apps you play and keep an eye on your connection, you can enjoy plenty of online entertainment without paying for extra bandwidth.

Which online games require the most bandwidth?

Once you’ve downloaded them, many single-player titles will work outside of Wi-Fi and cellular range. Larger multiplayer games with vibrant real-time graphics and plenty of fun social interaction tend to need the most bandwidth. This can be up to several megabytes per minute. Many word games and puzzlers work like single-player games but offer an element of interactivity with other players. These consume some cellular data, but only a few bytes tend to be needed.

Conserve cellular data with optimized sites

Without an unlimited data plan, you can use other techniques to reduce your mobile internet usage. If you enjoy playing online casino games, choose a provider that has optimized its website for phone users. This means the pages will look better on your phone and load faster, so less bandwidth is required. At the best NJ online casino, there are plenty of live games, along with simple slots, all of which are playable on phones and tablets, as well as PCs and Macs. Look at their website to find a full range of bonuses and promotions, on jackpots, Megaway and Slingo games.

Why do smartphones use cellular data instead of a Wi-Fi connection?

Assuming your settings are configured in the usual way, a smartphone will always get onto the internet using Wi-Fi when it’s available. That’s true of browsing, sending emails and gaming. Therefore, if the Wi-Fi connection is strong and consistent, your cellular data should not be depleted, however long you’re playing for. Problems can occur when the signal is often interrupted or it’s very weak, because the app will immediately switch over to cellular data to give you an uninterrupted experience.

Other ways of preserving your cellular data

To maintain enough cellular data for your day-to-day needs, you can choose how your phone connects to the web during a gaming session. Simply go into the settings area of your smartphone and select the disable cellular data option. You can do this before beginning a game, then switch back to the previous settings once you’re done. You can, of course, leave the data option permanently disabled, though this is not ideal when you don’t have a Wi-Fi signal. Alternatively, you can play your favorite games for longer when you know you’ve got a reliable Wi-Fi signal, be that at home or during break times at work. When you have no choice but to opt for a cellular connection, minimize the data you need by using a smaller font and texture size in a game, as well as disabling voice chat.

Melvin Roberts