Essential materials for your office

Essential materials for your office

The offices are the workspaces par excellence. Even if space in our house is available as a work office, it is still the space destined to fulfill the labor functions.

Materials that must be in the office

Many people occupy a large part of the hours of the day within an office. Therefore, they must have the essential materials at hand to adequately fulfill their functions.

Of course, there is no single standard about what should be in an office, but there are specific resources, equipment, and materials that should never be missing.

The Operations Management, with the support of the Human Resources Management, is directly responsible for ensuring the optimal functioning of the workspaces, which includes the possession of the necessary materials so that the employees fulfill their functions properly.

Human Resources Management can provide support in this regard by consulting the workers what resources they need to carry out their work. The first thing to do is to identify the type of office and activities in it to be able to select the most appropriate materials for the fulfillment of its functions:

Is it a public or private office?

  • What are the activities of the office?
  • Is it a public service office or only for the company’s internal operation?
  • How many people work in the same space?
  • What is the speed of restitution of materials?

Depending on the answers to these questions, the materials that should be in the office may be selected.

The Operations Management must guarantee that such materials are never lacking, so it must implement a control system on the entry of the material and its lifetime to calculate its replacement in advance. Other materials are included here (as we will see later) that are not consumable but have a limited duration.

Materials present in all offices


However simple the office or company may be, a computer is indispensable, either to keep track of operations, to account for sales, to perform functions inherent to the work itself, among other activities.

A good computer does not have to be the newest but meets the minimum needs of the office.

This computer can be a desktop, laptop, tablet, etc., according to work needs. Along with the computer, other tools and accessories such as UPS batteries, mouse or mouse, all types of cables, modem, router for Internet connection via Wi-Fi, etc. must be included.


If it’s an office, nobody will work on their own legs. It is important that the office has modern, comfortable, and durable desks, which have an adequate height so that the employee does not have to stoop or work with a very straight back.

Some of these tables for the office have drawers, but others do not. The important thing is that they are spacious enough to place in them the essential work resources. Click here to know more.

Everett Owensby