5 valentine gifts for her: follow the list and select

5 valentine gifts for her: follow the list and select

Valentine’s Day on February 14th is traditionally the day of lovers, when a little something as a gift is always a great joy for the girlfriend or wife. We help you to find the right idea and present original valentine gifts for her. You have surely come up with the idea of ​​giving your loved one flower or chocolates. However, such a present is not particularly original because it lacks the personal touch.

A handmade sculpture: symbol of the eternal lovers

Handicrafts are all the rage. You will find more and more such high-quality products in stores. You can buy sculpture made of porcelain stoneware, a particularly fine ceramic that is also used for high-quality tiles. So it still looks beautiful even after many years.

Gold-plated pearl earrings: the elegant gift

If your wife prefers to dress elegantly, you will find high-quality jewelry such as earrings with real freshwater pearls. These earrings look adorable even with a wedding dress, if you have plans accordingly. The combination of gold and the light pink of the pearls also go very well with other elegant or even classically timeless clothing.

Jewelry for Valentine’s Day: Stay away from cheap jewelry

An important rule when buying jewelry on Valentine’s Day is: do not give cheap jewelry. Even if you are one of those men who cannot see it for yourself – your partner can certainly tell a valuable piece of jewelry apart from supermarket kitsch. Jewelry for Valentine’s Day should always be a special gift. Therefore, go to a decent and reputable jewelry store. Cheaper costume jewelry is not a good idea because, on the one hand, it doesn’t look so beautiful and, on the other hand, it usually doesn’t last long.

Coordinate your idea with your partner

Before you put your idea into practice and blindly march off to buy jewelry for Valentine’s Day, you should make a few things clear in advance: match your gift to your partner. Watch your style. Is it more elegant and simple or young and funky? Orientate yourself on already existing pieces of jewelry. Whether bracelet, earring, necklace or ring – the good piece should suit your lover, otherwise she will not wear it.

Determine the ring size beforehand

Tell the shop assistant about your partner, describe her style and get advice. If you plan to give your partner the right ring, you should find out about the ring size beforehand by visiting this link, www.nano-jewelry.com.

Timothy Scott