A Lazy Girl’s Guide To A Flawless Look

A Lazy Girl’s Guide To A Flawless Look

Women always want to look their best at all time. But it is not possible always to find the time and get all dressed up. Every woman has different work such as attending the office or doing household chores, which does not provide them with enough time to put on makeup. Finding the right dress, accessories, getting your makeup done and also styling your hair can be a hectic task to be followed every day. Girls who are lazy always have a hard time getting ready and look flawless. If someone asks you to choose between sleeping for some time more or getting up and try to look your best, one would always prefer to sleep a little more.

Every girl needs a guide that would help with look flawless and unique without spending hours in front of the mirror. But here’s the good news. There are many hacks and tips available on the Internet now that help to get ready in a shorter period of time. People looking for various deals on makeup and fashion items should check out DealVoucherz as they offer some great coupons and discounts.

Tips for lazy girls to look flawless every day

In order to look beautiful, you need to find a way to get it done as quickly as possible. Some of the hacks or tricks to look flawless in a less amount of time is stated below.


We probably spend hours thinking about what to wear with a basic outfit and turn it into something glam. Pairing accessories properly can style any outfit. It does not take much time to look pretty. A simple solid colour dress can be transformed into party wear just by wearing some statement necklace and a gorgeous bracelet. If you wish to look a class apart, try and wear some gold accessories.


Lips play a huge role in looking beautiful without going through any hassle. A woman who is lazy but wants to look nice when stepping out should apply some bold lipstick. There are many sorts of lipsticks available in a variety of shades that one can choose from for their daily use. But it is mandatory for everyone to own a red-hot lipstick to add that glam to your everyday dull look.


Hair adds a different type of style to our daily look. It is not possible for girls to wake up every morning and spend a long time to look pretty. They need an easy trick to save time and look beautiful at the same time. For them getting a short haircut is necessary. Having short hair has its perk. One does not have to give a lot of time trying to style it. Having short hair and keeping it messy can be a fashion statement. Make sure your hair stylist does an excellent job with colouring, highlighting and cutting your hair. Then you don’t need to worry and look fabulous with minimal effort.

Tinted Moisturizer

Doing full-face makeup can take up a lot of time. Having to apply foundation, concealer, bronzer, and all other makeup product every day can be hectic. It is essential to put moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and soft. To save time, one can use a tinted moisturizer that plays a dual role. Using a BB or CC cream can work in place of foundation and moisturizer. Also, many BB and CC creams contain SPF that protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

Applying Eye Liner

Eyes are one of the most vital features of a person’s face. Having natural big and beautiful eyes can be God’s gift, as they don’t need any more makeup to look pretty. But one does not have to worry about looking beautiful as just by using simple products, one can achieve that look. Just put on some eyeliner, and it will make your eyes pop. For people with fair skin, try and put some white eyeliner as it works wonder for them. Women can use nude eyeliner for an everyday look.

The tricks and hacks mentioned above are proven to work for lazy girls who do not want to spend a lot of time to look beautiful. By using the hacks, one can achieve their desired look by spending a little time. By saving time to look good one can use it to do other pending works. Using some good skin care product before going to bed can leave you looking fresh, and one does not need to use any chemical based product or worry about what to wear.

Clare Louise