Dating Over 50: Love At Its Peak

Dating Over 50: Love At Its Peak


They say love knows no bound. And it will strike you whenever or wherever. Just when you think that your time has passed, you suddenly find love knocking at your doors. Would you care to give it one last try? Is it really worth over 50s dating?

It’s true that you are not getting any younger. But this should not stop you from being alive, from living a life with no regrets. It’s not right to believe that dating is a game only young people play. The truth is, even the not-so-young people can still feel the thrill, the excitement and the joy of dating. It’s only a matter of getting your heart back in shape. Of course, dating is different this time around. So before you jump in this crazy world of dating, ask yourself. When was the last time you dated anyone? Do you even remember it?

You would be surprised to feel that same intense feeling you once felt when you were still young-a proof that even at your age, life and love could still be beautiful. But as we have said earlier, cougar dating is different now. Of course the number one factor is age. As much as you want to be as adventurous as before when it comes to going out with someone, your body just wouldn’t allow for it. So a simple dinner or a little talk in the park or watching movie at home would suffice. Another thing that you have to consider is the changing times. Gone are the days when people go out and have real good fun. Today everything is done in a jiffy. As a young man would put it, “No more romantic talks, just straight loving”—whatever that means. Still, there are some young people who find romantic ways to sway their dates off their feet. And when it comes to romance, the old ones are at their element—romance is simply the forte of old age.

You might appear as a fish out of water at first. But, granting that your date helps you feel at ease (for the simple reason that he or she has that same anxious feeling), then it wouldn’t take long for you and your date to get your grooves back. It may appear awkward at first, but you would find the date rather enjoyable. Of course it would help if you really like the person you are dating. If not, then you are in for the worst date you’ll ever have.

Dating over 50 is not really new. In fact, a lot of people are still into dating even when their sons and daughters already have sons and daughters of their own. Age should not stop you from being happy. It is your right to be happy. And if you think that this person will bring back the vigor in your life, then by all means go out with him or her.

If life begins at 40, then you are still young at heart. After all, people can still have one night stands at 50 so dating should be a lot easier.

Jody Greene