Get a Rummy app for your office breaks. Download now!

Get a Rummy app for your office breaks. Download now!

When you have the rummy app on your smartphone, you can play the game anytime and anywhere. There are a number of people who prefer to play the game even during office breaks. While some other people consider playing rummy during office timings unethical.

So, is it actually the right thing to play rummy during your office breaks? There can be a number of debates on this topic without getting a concrete result. But considering the positive points of the case, you can always get a rummy app download done on your smartphone and can enjoy your time whenever you get a break from work at the office.

Why should you play rummy at office breaks?

Office breaks are either for lunch or some small tea breaks. There are a number of people who consider playing rummy during these breaks for a number of reasons.

  • Getting De-stressed from work:

Breaks are offered so that you can take a short interval from work and can get refreshed before you again get back to work. But there are a number of people who do not consider the importance of this break. There are people who might bring work-related conversations on the lunch table or tea-time also. This does not serve the purpose of getting de-stressed. On the other hand, if you play rummy during the intervals that you have got, you actually get refreshed and can get back to work with a fresh mind.

  • Better than office politics:

One of the most common things that happen in offices is office politics. It not only hampers the harmony of the office but also may at times impact your work performance or your attitude towards someone. So, in place of being a part of office politics, it is a great idea to play rummy during your breaks.

  • Earn extra perks:

Who does not wish to earn extra? If you wish to earn that extra income through winning bets and prizes, you should get arummy app download now. Initially, you may have to spend some time in the practice sessions and learning the rules and skills of the game. But afterward, you can always win big rewards that will be an extra income upon your fixed salary that you get from the office.

  • Long term benefits:

Apart from these short term benefits, playing rummy can also offer you some long term benefits. It is a game of skills such as observation and patience. When you are playing the game regularly, making use of these skills, slowly they become a part of your personality. You can implement these skills in your professional life too that can lead you to success.


Rummy can get addictive at times. But if you make sure that you play the game only during your office breaks, it can always offer you benefits. Just get the game app on your phone and you can play during the relaxation sessions at the office to earn extra perks, which will keep you away from unnecessary things at the office and boost up skills that can be again helpful in your professional life.

Frances Bailey