Perfection in the first and Last thing in the Sports Betting

Perfection in the first and Last thing in the Sports Betting


Net bet has improved its welcome bonus at the best 토토 site. Net bet 100% refunds your first bet losing up to 150 euros, by paying 2 free bets of 75 euros each. There is no longer a minimum rating to be respected to benefit from it.

  • In addition you are no longer required to replay the amount of the bonus 3 times to be able to cash it, today you simply need to replay your free bets once.
  • In addition once validated your account Net bet Sport will also be credited with additional 5 euros without any conditions.
  • We see it Net bet’s welcome offer secures your first bet. Following your first bet and if he is a loser just sends an email from their contact form to obtain the refund of the bet.

Inscription on the Net bet bookmaker

Here’s how to get the most out of this bonus:

Register on the Net bet website by clicking on one of our links to benefit from the welcome bonus of 150 euros. Make a first deposit of 150 euros and send your vouchers by mail, you can also do it by mail but it takes more time to be treated.

  • Make your first bet on the meeting that interests you for € 150, which can be done on any meeting of any sport, without any limitation of odds.
  • Of course you can deposit and bet much less money, it is a demonstration with the maximum amount of the bonus.
  • You must activate your Net bet account to receive your welcome bonus
  • Once you have received your activation code, validate your registration on the Net bet website. As previously explained, the validation of the account unlocks the payment of half of the welcome bonus.

In addition following the activation, we pay you 5 additional euros of free bet without any other additional condition. So take the opportunity to activate your account.

Since then, following your first bet, there are two scenarios:

Either he is a winner or in this case you will win the win of the bet and the bonus of 5 euros activation, which will make you very good money. Either he is a loser or in this case you will get a bonus that can go up to 150 euros. The free bet bonus is paid in two instalments. 50% following the first losing bet and 50% following the activation of the account.

Be careful because you only have 7 days to bet with your free bets. Moreover, as this is a free bet, what you win will always be in “net”. In practice, you will not get the bet, but only the profits from the free bet.

Last Words

This is absolutely not a scam, besides all bookmakers offering a free bet bonus have the same function. It simply means that when you win a free bet, you never get back what you bet, unlike a “classic” bet.


Everett Owensby