Some Interesting and Unknown Facts About Roti Prata

Some Interesting and Unknown Facts About Roti Prata

The roti prata is one of the best recipes in Singapore with the taste and sight of crispy externally and fluffy internally and with varieties of types such as mixed with either or mushroom, onion, eggs, banana, red bean, cheese and even chocolate and ice-cream. When you eat a mushroom mixed roti prata and then order another banana mixed it tastes completely different with a unique flavour. However, the original version of roti available in numerous cuisines and restaurants like Rotimatic is no less delicious and flavourful in comparison to the Singaporean roti prata as well as the Malaysian roti canai. But the Singaporean and Malaysian roti prata and roti canai have their own speciality and demand. Here are a few unknown and interesting facts about the Singaporean roti prata.

Is Roti Prata Available Elsewhere Except Singapore?

Many people say that the Singaporean roti prata is not available in India from where it was brought to Singapore and Malaysia. However, many people perhaps do not know or perhaps a few people know that the Singaporean roti prata is also available in India but not everywhere like the Indian roti in their variety of types and forms. One of the south Indian city “Chennai” has many cuisines and restaurants where professionals serve Singaporean roti prata. The Chennai served Singaporean roti prata is not only similar to the roti prata that is served in Singapore but it also tastes the same with a similar flavour.

The availability of Singaporean roti prata in other cities across India may require another intensive study and research but there is a high probability that the Singaporean roti prata should be available not only Indian food market but across the world because of its popularity and fame especially since it has been identified and placed or included in the world top 50 delicious foods list by CNN Go.

What Makes Singaporean Roti Prat So Special and How to Eat It?

The making of the Singaporean roti prata requires only four ingredients namely flour, salt, water and oil. In fact, it is the quality of flour which basically makes the difference and makes the Singaporean roti prata so special. The flour used for this special recipe is called “IkanTerbang” which ultimately makes the roti prata stretchy, strong, delicious and flavourful. However, the sarcastic processes of making roti prata also play a significant role in making the roti prata unique and special.

The making process of roti prata involves various dramatic flipping, slapping, and stretching of the dough which may not be performed by a new or inexperiencedroti prata maker. In fact, most roti prata makers say that it may take not less than six months for a learner to master over the skills and art of making roti prata effectively. However, you can try the kneading, flipping and pulling of roti prata at home after attentively watching the processes from a professional roti prata maker, or can follow various roti prata reviews published in many online cuisines such as Rotimatic reviews, you may successfully make Singaporean roti prata at your home. Finally, it is popularly said that when you eat roti prata by hand you get the best eating experience instead of using the spoon and fork.

Everett Owensby