Unleash Your Business Potential with the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)!

Unleash Your Business Potential with the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)!


In today’s fast-paced commerce world, remaining competitive is vital. As business visionaries and trade proprietors, we continually seek ways to move proficiency and efficiency forward. 

Fortunately, there is an incredible arrangement that can aid us in accomplishing that – the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

In this article, we will investigate everything you wish to know about PSG, from its reason, qualification criteria, and how to apply, so you will be able to take your commerce to unused statures!

Understanding the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG):  

The PSG is an activity by the Singapore government aimed at supporting businesses in their computerized change travel. It subsidizes the selection of pre-approved efficiency arrangements that can improve commerce forms, increment effectiveness, and progress generally efficiency. 

Through this, businesses are energized to grasp innovation and advancement to remain ahead in today’s competitive scene. 

1. Who is Qualified for PSG?  

The PSG is accessible to businesses in Singapore over different businesses. SMEs (Little and Medium Undertakings) are the essential target, but non-SMEs can also apply, but with certain limitations. 

To qualify, your commerce should be enrolled and working in Singapore and have a least 30% nearby shareholding. It is vital to note that distinctive arrangements have distinctive qualification criteria, so it is imperative to check the prerequisites for each arrangement sometime recently.

2. Affirmed Efficiency Arrangements:  

The PSG covers a wide run of arrangements over divisions such as retail, coordination, development, nourishment administrations, and more. 

These arrangements include different ranges, counting client administration, budgetary administration, human asset administration, stock following, and information analytics. By receiving these arrangements, businesses can streamline their operations, decrease costs, and progress generally efficiency. 

The list of affirmed arrangements is routinely overhauled by the government to cater to the advancing needs of businesses. 

3. How to Apply for PSG:  

Applying for PSG could be a direct handle. To begin with, recognize the arrangements that best fit your trade needs from the list of pre-approved arrangements. Following, get a citation from the arrangement provider, ensuring it incorporates the PSG scope of the bolster. 

Yield your application online through the Trade Awards Entrance, where you will be required to supply vital company and extend points of interest. Once submitted, your application will be checked on, and upon endorsement, you will get the subsidizing back. 

Keep in mind to keep the vital documentation for inspecting purposes.

4. Subsidizing Support and Claims:  

The Digital marketing company PSG gives up to 80% subsidizing support for the qualifying costs of embracing the pre-approved arrangements. The costs secured incorporate the membership expenses, equipment and computer program costs, and usage and preparation expenses. For non-SMEs, the subsidizing bolster is up to 50%.

5. Extra Support:  

Other than the PSG financing, the government also gives other shapes of back to businesses. This incorporates awards for rising innovation selection, capability improvement programs, and operational effectiveness advancement activities. 

By taking advantage of these offerings, businesses can encourage improve their efficiency and competitiveness.   


So, why hold up? Investigate the accessible arrangements, check your qualifications, and begin your PSG travel nowadays! Keep in mind, that long-standing time has a place for those who grasp alter and persistently endeavour for change.


Timothy Scott