Unlocking exclusive comfort- Insider tips for black Friday mattress shopping

Unlocking exclusive comfort- Insider tips for black Friday mattress shopping

As the biggest shopping event in the US, Black Friday brings tens of millions of eager shoppers ready to score unbeatable deals. And for large ticket items like mattresses retailing $700-$3000 for queen si0zes, the discounts of 40-60% off make November an ideal time to invest in better sleep quality while saving big.  Mattress brands and retailers plot their Black Friday promotions many months ahead to drive bargain-hunter traffic into stores during the holiday kickoff frenzy. This planning allows them to acquire inventory on the cheap specifically for BF markdowns.

But it also incentivizes marketers to oversell the perceived value through pumped-up “regular price” MSRPs and other tactical mechanisms. Does cutting 65% off a product no one actually pays the imaginary $2800 tag for still qualify as a hot deal?  They are while there are legitimate bargains, approach grandiose claims and too good-to-be-true prices with skepticism until confirming model specs and components. Know the everyday street value outside of promotional periods to recognize authentic deals.

Vet advertised bundles

Building on deceptive price anchoring, be wary of retailers marketing black friday mattress deals $300 off PLUS a free $599 bed accessories bundle. This creative trick makes the mattress seem like a steal. But deeper analysis may reveal those bundles only hold worth when factored into the purchases. Always determine what’s included in boxed sets before assuming perceived value matches expectations. Perhaps that pillow assortment is just standard synthetics worth $30, not actual $120 memory foam upgrades.  If a basic mattress protector, cheap sheets, and throw blanket don’t justify the advertised package price, call it out. Watch for scenarios where eye-catching gift set inclusion allows disguising modest mattress discounts.

Research coupons & price matching 

Savvy shoppers enhance advertised promotions by stacking additional discounts on top. Scour deal aggregator sites for valid coupons applicable to big box, department, and mattress retailers advertising Black Friday sales. Codes offering 10-20% off may populate in November. Price matching also provides leverage if you uncover the same mattress model listed cheaper elsewhere. Stores want to win your business so may honor competitors’ deals to do so. Certain credit cards even refund the difference if prices dip lower after the fact. Mixing stackable coupons, price guarantees, rebates, etc. compounds savings quickly. Don’t overlook these sweeteners paying you to choose one retailer over another.

Plot your attack plan  

The most driven deal hunter is map out an organized battle plan weeks before Black Friday. This includes confirming:

  1. Which stores offer the specific mattress brand and models on their wish list
  2. Doorbuster timing to earliest access hottest deals  
  3. Delivery dates for models not in stock needing shipment
  4. Who provides the best incentives like haul away, sleep trials, etc.?   

Creating an advanced retail cheat sheet maximizes store hopping efficiency once November 25 arrives. No walking blindly into unknown inventory or policies. Follow your plan for optimizing stops.

Open the mobile bidding 

Technology now allows bypassing physical store crowds altogether while still capitalizing on Black Friday. Retailers like Mattress Firm, Macy’s, and Walmart set select inventory pools aside solely for online auction. Early Black Friday promos advertise hot ticket items consumers can bid on leading up to Thanksgiving week for huge potential discounts off the list. These operate like eBay allowing customers to set the price, with winning bids saving potentially 80%. While bidding requires luck, those flexible brands can score outrageous deals. Online bidding opens additional discount avenues competing against stores for your business. Leverage both channels!  


Timothy Scott