7 Questions to Ask Yourself before Joining a Writing Contest 

7 Questions to Ask Yourself before Joining a Writing Contest 

Joining the contests is an investment for professional writers. It exposes them to expert knowledge, which is crucial in building a sustainable career in this competitive industry. Many writers have obtained an exceptional head start in their profession via contests. To gain more, you must enter the best competition available. Listed are questions to ask yourself before entering the competitions.

Who are the sponsors and Organizers? 

To know what the contest offers to every participant, you must know who is behind it. An event sponsored by a known publisher or reputable companies is probably the best. Every sponsor is interested in selling their brand. They will invest in competitions that guarantee a marketing platform. You can become a household name by winning in their sponsored writing competitions.

Payment for the Competition 

Would you pay for a contest that gives a publishing opportunity in a renowned magazine with an additional cash prize and other benefits? If you fail to win, the money will still support your favorite publisher. That is a better deal compared to paying an unknown editor. If they publish your work on their website, you will still be an unknown because they have a small audience.

Who are the Judges?  

When joining the free writing contests, you must know the judges. Most contests share the names of every judge with their accomplishments on the website. That info is vital because it affects the reputation of the competition. The judges’ character can determine if writers can participate in the contest or not. Pick a competition with highly professional jurors.

What are the Odds of Winning? 

When participating in contests, your goal is to win. By checking various factors regarding the competition, you will know the probability of winning it. For instance, an event that attracts numerous contestants is highly competitive. The winning chances will be lower if it attracts highly skilled writers. To get inspired, look for a competition that gives you the advantage to win.

Writing Credentials 

Ask yourself if winning the contests will affect your writing credentials. If you are a serious writer, participate in the most competitive writing competitions. Many publishers, investors, and agents follow them because they know only the most creative and competent experts can win. Once you triumph in such competitions, your career will grow rapidly.

Is the Contest Reputable? 

Never join a contest that lacks a decent reputation. Such competitions have nothing to offer to the participants. Some never give an encouraging top prize. Thus, you will not be motivated to win. The best contests are highly reputable worldwide. They attract the best writers in the industry. Winning in such an event is a big deal. Hence, you will be popular worldwide.  



Check the number of people attracted by the free writing contests. One of the main goals of joining the competitions is to expose your work to the world. You cannot accomplish that if the contest attracts a small audience. Look for an event that is followed by many readers. It should have media coverage to advertise the winning contestant. 


Jody Greene