Solve SSAT Practice Papers For The Best Possible Preparation 

Solve SSAT Practice Papers For The Best Possible Preparation 

SSAT is the abbreviation for Secondary School Admission Test. This test is a multiple-choice standardized examination used by several independent, private, and charter schools for screening their applicants. This test measures the abilities and knowledge of students in three main areas including Quantitative (Math), Verbal, and Reading Comprehension. The students have to write an essay, however, unlike other sections, the test administrators do not give a score. Rather the essay is copied and then sent to the school a student has applied to.

Gain a better understanding

Students can use the SSAT Practice Testto gain a better understanding of this examination. The students can take advantage of the valuable resource and know their strengths and weaknesses. Three levels of the examination are there that are geared towards various grades such as Elementary, Middle, and Upper level. 

The format of the SSAT exam remains the same regardless of the SSAT test the students take. Two Quantitative sections are there and each section has 25 questions and the duration is 30 minutes. The verbal section has 60 questions and the duration is 30 minutes. In the reading comprehension, 40 questions are there and the time limit is 40 minutes. The three versions of the SSAT examination are challenging and students must be prepared well before attempting the examination. Many videos are available that can help students to become ready for this exam. 

SSAT Administration

There are in total eight Middle and Upper-Level test dates for SSAT during the year starting in October. The test happens on one Saturday once a month till June. The Elementary Level test dates have fewer dates and the examination begins in December. 

The administration of Standard SSAT Test happens at the local testing center and the administrator looks after the SSAT as per the instructions given. The test begins at 9.00 A.M. and the students should be present at the venue 30 minutes before the examination starts. 

There is an option for the SSAT Flex Test that enables the applicants to take this test on dates other than the eight scheduled tests. This option is not available for the Elementary level tests. The test can be done once in the year (August 1 to 31 July).

Free SSAT Practice Test

Students can take the SSAT Practice Test for the best possible preparation for the forthcoming SSAT. The practice tests are the best way to improve the skills required to take the examination with the utmost confidence. Students can take one of the many Practice Tests. These test papers are prepared on the basis of SSAT question formats. Students taking these tests shall get a detailed scoring result after they finish the practice test papers. It will help them to identify –

  • Their strengths and weaknesses so that they could work on their weaknesses more attentively. 
  • What might be their actual test score if they appear in the exam right now? 
  • How do they score in comparison to other students?

All these are important for obtaining high scores and a chance for admission to a top-ranked school. 


Timothy Scott