Become Energetic by Streaming ‘KanuluKanulanuDochayante’ Movie Online at Aha

Become Energetic by Streaming ‘KanuluKanulanuDochayante’ Movie Online at Aha

Normally all have the habit of watching Telugu cinema whenever having the leisure time. And many of us are interested in watching love stories, action and comedy based movies. With the pandemic situation new movies are not released in theaters and all have been watching favourite and must watchable movies. Browse Aha movies to watch your favourite films and videos.

Are you looking to watch a Telugu movie with an unique concept and story?

Then you are at the right spot here is the movie which you are looking to watch. ‘KanuluKanulanuDochayante’ is the Telugu cinema that you are searching for. It has the best different story where you can enjoy the movie. And also contains surprises when you visualize the Telugu cinema.

Seeking to watch KanuluKanulanuDochayante movie online?

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The movie KanuluKanulanuDochayante was directed by DesinghPeriyasamy under the production ofAnto Joseph. The movie is full of suspensions as well as surprises.

Coming to the story there are two best friends Siddharth and Moorthy who have no parents and live together. Where they don’t have family also. They trap persons and get the money for living purposes. One fine day he meets Meera who is a beautician, he falls in love with her, and proposes to her and she accepts his love. They start enjoying their love, and they want to go to Goa and enjoy more. And they make everything ready and go there. One day , two girls take away money from them. Where they get shocked. To know more about the Telugu movie story watch the movie at Aha.

Plus Points

While watching the movie you can stream lots of surprises. And the movie has the best story to get the movie successful. Love story has been designed well between them and also showed in a clear way how the present world is doing in the name of love.

Technical aspects

Locations are very well-used by the director to get a good look in the movie. BDM was attractive to get the movie in the beautiful version. Cinematography is good. Overall the director has used all the conditions well for completing successful shooting.


Siddharth, Moorthy, Meena and her friend acted very well as directed by the director. The movie revolves around these 4 characters. You can also watch how these characters are designed by the director to get suited to the given condition.

Cast and crew

Actor: Dulquer Salmaan

Actress: Ritu Varma

Other characters: Rakshan, Gautham Menon

Director: DesinghPeriyasamy

Producer: Anto Joseph

Music director: Harshavardhan

Release date: 28th February\

Watch the Action Thriller Telugu CinemaKanuluKanulanuDochayante Movie Online at Aha


The Telugu cinema KanuluKanulanuDochayante has the best story where those who watch can get entertained. The songs are very good and get attached when you listen to them. The cast acted very well according to the given roles. Overall it is the best energetic movie to watch. Browse on Aha movies to watch it in HD quality.

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