Best Fundraising Companies Of 2019

Best Fundraising Companies Of 2019

Sports teams, churches, organizations, and schools are always on the lookout for nice and well-calculated ways to raise funds for different projects. The challenge most of them face is finding the right company that is capable of providing them with products that can be sold off easily, high quality, and well priced. In addition to searching for a company that is capable of offering them all these mentioned, they also want a company that puts the interests and needs of their customers ahead of theirs. Additionally, the fundraising company you pick is expected to provide your sellers with the best materials to enable them to make maximum profit.

For the purpose of these organizations, churches, teams, and schools, we have come up with a list of some of the best fundraising companies they can choose from. They include these;

  1. Fundraising Zone. is by far the best fundraising company in the United States of America.  They offer very affordable popcorn, cookie dough, and school fundraising options, all with amazing customer service. Fundraising Zone is a family owned company that has helped countless groups and organizations reach their financial goals, which easily makes them our #1 choice for fundraising companies.

  1. World’s Finest

Having been around since the 1940s, World’s Finest has proven time and again to be one of the best fundraising companies out there. It is currently one of the most popular fundraising companies amongst schools and sports teams. This company specializes in offering these schools and sports teams affordable and delicious chocolates for their fundraising campaigns.

Since its inception, it has evolved and is currently offering various types of candy bars and flavors. Surprisingly, a bigger and more delicious $2 chocolate bar has been added to their collection.

  1. Charleston Wrap

This is actually one of the best fundraising companies for elementary schools. This company specializes in offering their customers gift wrapping products or items. While offering these students heavy-duty wrapping papers for their items, the company has incorporated items for the kitchen, sweet treats for the students, and home accessories. One of the things that place this company in the top three of this list is the free catalog and kits the offer sellers.

  1. Discount Card

Every individual, organization, sports team, church, and school wants to save up money for the rainy days. This is why most of them settle for this company. While this company has been created to feature products and companies supporters of your organization may want to buy, it has made the cards a viable and easy way to raise funds. Discount Card specializes in offering customers a number of products like; discount cards and scratch offs.

Before selecting this company for your fundraising campaign, it is advised that you conduct research to find out if the discount cards they offer will be applicable to the local or regional companies.

  1. Super Fan

Having received licenses from the NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB, this company helps to ensure that you are able to sell off items easily to your supporters at the same time giving your supporters or fans the opportunity to purchase the right items they need. This company offers you a wide range of items that can be easily customized to your organization, church, team, or school logo. One thing that makes this company stand out is that they provide you with quality items that are priced in such a way that your supporters would be willing and able to buy.

This company is established and operates on the principle that these organizations do not have to pay cash upfront before they can launch a fundraising campaign. This is why the company provides you with the needed materials or items at zero cost. This method of fundraising this company adopts had helped them facilitate fundraising campaigns of organizations at the same time helping them maximize profit.

Frances Bailey