Can Cavity Be Dangerous? How to Treat Them?

Can Cavity Be Dangerous? How to Treat Them?

In San Diego, dental caretakers have an effective role in maintaining oral hygiene. Maintaining your oral hygiene is crucial for you; however, many individuals have this question in their mind: can cavities be dangerous? Yes, cavities are dangerous for your oral health since they can lead to many dental issues. Thus, you have to make sure that you are mindful of methods to dissuade cavities from your mouth. If you are in San Diego, make sure to seek proficient assistance from a dentist in Rancho San Diego and consult them about your oral fitness.

Understanding cavities

Cavities are also known as tooth decay. The real cause of cavities is a bunch of bacteria invading your mouth and attacking your teeth and gum line. Moreover, plaques feed on the enamel of your teeth and release an acid that leads to erosion. Hence, once erosion takes place, it turns into a cavity.

Dangers of cavities:

  • Toothache 

One of the most common risks of cavities is toothache. As the cavities start decaying your tooth, it will eventually increase sensitivity in it. Thus, chewing hard foods or consuming cold drinks or water can make you feel the pain in your teeth.

  • Tooth abscess

If you leave your tooth decay or cavities untreated, it can get deeper inside your tooth and lead to tooth abscesses. It is a dental infection inside the root of your tooth. A tooth abscess can be daunting. Thus, immediate dental care is paramount.

  • Tooth loss

Cavities not only affect your teeth and cause pain but can also cause tooth loss if not treated on time. Thus, you must make sure that you deal with your dental issues on time, or you will not be able to smile or build social confidence.

How to treat them:

  • Fillings 

A common treatment that is done on a major scale to deal with cavities is filling. In this treatment, your dentist will cut out the decayed portion from your teeth and fill it with dental materials like composite resin. 

  • Crowns 

Crowns are also a good option for the recovery of your teeth. Therefore, your dentist will make sure to remove all the infected portions of the teeth and will add a crown for more support and recovery.

  • Preventive measures

Instead of knowing about different treatments for controlling cavities, you must make sure that you take some preventive measures from before so that you do not have to deal with cavities. Measures like avoiding sugary beverages, alcohol, cold drinks, and desserts.

Cavities are hazardous for your oral health since they lead to many other dental complications; thus, make sure to consult your dentist.

Timothy Scott