Do Vitamins and Supplements Work on your Beard?

Do Vitamins and Supplements Work on your Beard?


We all have heard those claims which companies make about their vitamin and supplements saying that they will make your hair and beard mane grow magically longer, fuller and thicker. But, how do you know there is any reality in what they are saying? Well, remember there is not magical potion, pill or powder which can transform you from baby face to thick hairy faced person. However, beard vitamin can enhance the beard which you already have. It can make your whiskers grow with healthier hair follicles.

If your hair lacks nutrition in some areas, then hair vitamin can correct those deficiencies and help you in growing your beard healthily. If you have been consuming a perfect diet and don’t have any health issues which keep you from absorbing the required nutrients from your food and still you don’t have full beard, then beard vitamins will help you reach full bearded potential.

Things to look for in a beard vitamin

It is not simple to eat anything in the name of beard supplement, provided it has a few key nutrients which can help your body work at its best. Invest in your health and make sure your money is well spent. Invest in your sleep and live a stress free life and you will see the effects of topped up vitamins levels on your beard too.

A well-groomed man should care about his inner self too and not just outside. Thus here are some of the important vitamins, minerals which benefit beard growth and health:

Beta Carotene

Your body transforms beta carotene to Vitamin A as it needs it. Beta Carotene helps in the production of healthy sebum which prevents your skin from getting dry. It creates a healthier environment for your hair growth.

Vitamin D

The sun vitamin is essential for hair growth and helps to prevent ingrown hair. It is surely an asset to include in your beard growth. Vitamin D supplementation is important for those who live in limited sunlight.


Also called Vitamin B7, it helps your body to produce amino acids which are the basic protein elements. Human hair comprises of keratin which is a protein found in nails and hair. Sufficient biotin consumption adds to your health and growth of beard mane and heard hair and slows shedding.

Food with biotin may be tough to digest, so consuming a vitamin supplement can help you reap its benefits

Folic acid

Also called folate, it contributes to skin and hair health by keeping the cells and tissue healthy. Healthy beard requires healthy cells to develop to their full potential and be healthy.

Vitamin B12

Also called cobalamin, it is important to keep your blood and nerve cells healthy. It promotes healthy metabolism and contributes to hair and skin health. And by now you must be aware how much healthier skin is important for healthy facial hair growth.

Vitamin C

It absorbs collagen and is important for protein synthesis. It boosts your ability to make collagen which is important for your whiskers health and growth.

Vitamin E

It keeps your hair follicles healthy and creates a nice environment for healthy whisker growth.


Melvin Roberts