Easy To Follow Wood Staining Techniques

Easy To Follow Wood Staining Techniques

When a person is trying to bring new life and reuse the furniture they already down they can apply wood stain to give it a new life and a new color. Applying wood stain is not as hard as a person may think. Here are some tips on how to apply wood stain to help furniture and other household items come out looking great.


Before applying the stain it is important to make sure the body is protected. Stain can have a strong smell. Safety glasses and rubber gloves should be worn. If the stain gets on the skin it can turn it the color of the stain. It is best to wear old clothing or work clothing when completing these projects.

Applying the Stain

Before applying the stain to the furniture, apply it to a scrap piece of wood. This way the color can be tested. If a person does not like the way the color looks they have just saved the furniture. If the color looks similar to the package it is time to apply the stain to the furniture items. It is important to apply a thin coat to the wood. If too much strain is applied at one time it can have a blotchy appearance. There is no need to sand the wood before applying the stain.

Types of Stains

Oil-based stains are very common. They have dyes and stain pigments mixed in with minerals. To help make the color mix up it is important to stir the stain before use. This will allow all of these pigments to mix. There are fumes with oil-based stains so it is important to work in an area that has proper ventilation.

Applying the Stain

When applying the stain it is best to use a brush or a rag. When applying the wood stain with a brushwork with the grain and work against it. It is important to get an even coat on the wood. If a person is looking for a lighter tone they can wipe some of the stains off of the wood. When they are looking for a deeper tone the stain should be allowed to stay on the wood for around 10 minutes before wiping it off.

Remove Extra Stain

After allowing the stain to sit on the wood it is important to remove any extra stain. When wiping off the wood stain go in the direction of the grain. This will allow the stain to soak into the wood.

Avoiding Fumes

If a person wants to stain their furniture but does not want to deal with a strong odor they can try a water-based stain. This stain comes in many different colors and does not have a strong aroma. The water-based stain can be applied to the wood in the same manner as the oil-based stain.

Apply a Finish

While the stain can give the wood a nice color it is important to apply a finish once the stain has dried. The finish needs to be applied to the wood. A high-quality brush should be used to apply the finish. This can give the wood some extra shine.

These are some tips on how to apply wood stain. The stain can give the wood some new colors and will help bring an older piece of furniture back to life. There is no need to throw out a piece of furniture when it can look new again with a little wood stain.

Frances Bailey