Finding and Enjoying the Healthiest Vape

Finding and Enjoying the Healthiest Vape

As vaping continues to grow in popularity, more people are looking for ways to make this activity as safe and healthy as possible. Not all vape juice is created in the same way, which means some vapes are healthier than others. When vape is unhealthy, it can even pose a serious danger to your health. That being said, vaping is a safe and enjoyable pastime when you choose the right products. But how do you know which vape is healthiest?

Defining Healthy Vape

There are several different factors that can impact the quality and safety of vape. Three primary factors to consider when comparing products include the ingredients, the nicotine content and the processing method. Below is an overview of each of these factors.

  1. Ingredients.

The healthiest vape will use good quality ingredients that are all natural and food grade. If your vape doesn’t use ingredients that meet these two important standards, it’s time to look for a new source. Before consuming any vape, read the list of ingredients carefully to make sure the product doesn’t contain anything questionable or dangerous.

  1. Nicotine content.

If you are using vaping as a substitute for smoking, the nicotine content of your vape is important. While some vapes contain trace amounts of nicotine, others don’t contain any at all. The healthiest vapes will not contain this addictive substance. However, if you are in the process of quitting smoking, you may opt for a vape that has some nicotine while you wean yourself off cigarettes.

  1. Processing.

Perhaps the most important issue to consider when comparing different vape juice products is the processing methods used to create them. In general, the more natural the process used to draw out the oil, the healthier the vape will be. For example, Lowell Farms offers a cold-pressed cannabis oil created entirely without the use of solvents. To create this product, an organically grown cannabis flower is frozen and tumbled in ice water before being cold-pressed to extract oil. No solvents, additives or other chemicals are necessary. This process keeps the finished product as pure and natural as possible.

To choose a safe, healthy vape, it is important to consider all of these factors. It is also best to purchase vape only from a trusted manufacturer that has a reputation for providing good quality, reliable products.

Enjoying Healthy Vape

In addition to creating some of the healthiest vape on the market, Lowell Farms has also opened a new cafe in West Hollywood, where celebrities and everyday people alike can enjoy their vape in public. Lowell Cafe is heralded as the first legal cannabis cafe and restaurant in all of the United States. This cafe offers a variety of smoking options, along with farm-to-table dining with food crafted by Andrea Drummer, a well-known chef. The cafe is well-ventilated to provide a comfortable experience for all who enter, including those who don’t want to partake in smoking themselves. The atmosphere is ideal for West Hollywood natives, as well as for any tourist who wants to try legal marijuana in a safe environment.

All of the vape products sold at Lowell Cafe are produced by Lowell Farms, an established company that grows only high-quality, natural marijuana. All marijuana is organic and entirely free from exposure to pesticides. The company offers a wide variety of products, including pre-roll, cylinder smokes, farm fresh flower and cold pressed cannabis oil. Products are available in 350 stores and can be delivered.

Timothy Scott