High School Fundraisers

High school fundraisers are a little different from the usual elementary school fundraisers. This is because the students are grown and matured. Therefore, you have to come up with ideas that will make them interested and captivated. Also, high school students sometimes want to do their fundraising differently, as they like to be shared into groups, doing collective fundraising at intervals.

High school fundraising ideas have to be something the students are very passionate about, which will engage them, as well as educate them. As you know, there are certain things which you loved doing as a child, but as you grew older, they didn’t matter to you anymore. Things like Easter egg hunt and setting up a lemonade stand may not be appealing to high school students. Therefore, their fundraising has to be creative, fun, and enjoyable too.  If you are serious about starting a fundraiser, be sure to visit Fundraising Zone to get started

Here are some fundraising ideas for high school students:

  • Babysitting: The students will definitely love to babysit as it is very much fun. They can babysit children and get paid for it. They can start by advertising it on the school premises for parents and guardians to see. If anyone needs their services, they can easily apply and discuss when they would want the babysitting service.
  • Lip Sync: Lip-syncing actually needs to talent, so anyone can participate in it basically. The interested students only need to sign up with a fee and join the other students who are participating in the lip sync battle.
  • Dance Team: So many high school students love to dance and it would be fun if they are in a dance competition for the rest of the students to watch. You can divide them into groups and give each group a particular song to dance to. Set a date when the dance will be displayed to the rest of the school. The other students can pay a fee to watch them. Also, the students dancing can pay a fee to participate. You can announce that there’s a prize for the winner to get more students to be interested.
  • No Uniform Day: This is not only fun but allows the students to show off their unique dressing styles. You can let the students dress to school in a style they want by paying a fee. It is like a form of exchange; a donation in exchange for the dressing. This allows them to dress up in their style and show off their inner fashionista.
  • Recycling: You can tell your students to bring in things which they no longer make use of; it could be books, clothes, mobile phones, toys, and so on. Fix a date when they can sell them to the community, thereby raising funds for the school.
  • Car Wash: Set a day apart where the students will engage in car-washing activities. You can let the parents and guardians know it is being done towards generating money for the school. In this way, they will like to assist by bringing their cars for washing. They could also donate more to the school, instead of the stipulated amount for the car wash. You can set up the car washing station in your schoolyard. This will make it very easy for the adults bringing in their cars to be washed.
  • Color Runs: Color runs are fun, as they are a way of exercising too. You can organize it, and instruct all the participants who are required to pay a sign-up fee, to wear white tees on the day it is going to take place. Then the other students can spray them with water-based paints. There can also be balloons and fireworks, intended to make it a fun project.
  • Principal Challenge: The principal challenge is fun in its own way, as the students donate a fee and watch their principal complete a challenge, such as dyeing hair in a different color, and so on.

Finally, fundraising ideas for high school students are not really difficult to put together. You may even ask the students to bring up their ideas and cast votes to pick the highest ideas. Everyone will love to participate, as they are fun and exciting too.

Timothy Scott