How To Check The Tread Depth of Your Tyres

How To Check The Tread Depth of Your Tyres

It’s no news that one of the most popular causes of road accidents is bad or defective tyres. So it’s always wise to check your car tyres every now and then. Sometimes though we might be so much in a hurry to get to where we are going that we fail to actually pay attention to how we’re supposed to get there.  The how to get to a place is important, and that how, might sometimes be your tyres. Therefore, it’s essential that you know what shape they are in, so that you can tell when you’re in need of a tyre change dubai.  

So we’ll be showing you several easy methods you can use to check the tread of your tyres at home.

The Penny Test

When you buy your tyres newly, you don’t usually need to do a tread test indicator. However, when your tread begins to approach 4/32’’, then you need to begin to be on a look out. This tread depth is okay, but now you’re beginning to approach the time you’ll need to change your tyres. When the tyres get to 3/32” that is about 3mm grove depth, tyre manufactures recommend that you should change tyres soon, by the time it is at 2/32” i.e. about 1.6mm, it becomes a criminal offence in some countries to even drive with such tyres.

To do the penny test, take penny and insert it into the groove of your tyres so that  you can measure your tread. Make sure the penny is upside down, and the Lincoln head is facing you. If you can see like 90% of lincoln’s head, then it’s time to change your tyres. Do this at three points,  laong you tyre circumference. Even if this happens at one spot on your tyres, you should still go for a tyre change.

20 Pence Test

This test also could be done with a 20pence coin. Insert the coin within  a thread, if you can see the outer rim of the coin, it is most likely your tyres have 1.6mm or less of tread available, it’s time to do a tyre change dubai. Also do it a three points.

The Quarter test

Insert the coin into the tread groove. The coin should be inserted upside down, with Washington’s head facing you. If the tread touches Washington’s head, then it means you have less than 3mm of tread left, you should start preparing to change to change your tyres.

Tread Wear Indicator

If you don’t have coins on you, don’t fret, there’s still a simple method which you can use in checking your tread depth, it is called tread wear indicator. Most tyre companies including Yokohama tyres include it into their tyres. These indicators are like bars at the bottom of the tyre tread. You can find them at several points on the circumference of the tyre. When these bars become on the same level with the tyre ribs, then it is time to change the tyres.

Clare Louise