How to Recover Deleted Photos from Your Samsung Phone?

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Your Samsung Phone?

One of the most popular brands of mobile phones in the market today is Samsung. Gone are the days when phones were used just to make calls and take texts. Mobile phones have now become the most important part of every person’s life. Nowadays, people are using their mobile phones for all sorts of tasks.

So, naturally, this means that there is a lot of data stored in phones, right from photographs, documents, and videos to various other files. Of all these types of data, photos are the most susceptible to being lost or deleted. Now imagine, what if you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you open your phone gallery but your photos are no longer visible?

Does this sound familiar to you? If yes, then read on because this blog post will help you understand what you need to do if you find yourself needing to recover deleted photo recovery from your Samsung phone.

Reasons behind Deleted Photos

There could be multiple reasons that lead to your photos being deleted from your Samsung phone. Some of these reasons are:

  • Accidental file deletion.
  • Virus or malware attack.
  • Corruption of photographs.
  • Phone factory reset.

Preventive Steps You Can Take

There are a few methods you can follow to protect yourself from losing your photographs.

  1. The moment you get your Samsung phone, turn on the Google photos/Samsung Cloud sync as this will automatically backup all your photos
  2. Download and install a good anti-virus software in your Samsung phone.
  3. Do not download files from unsafe websites and suspicious links.
  4. Check twice before deleting any of your photographs or clearing out the trash.

How to Recover Your Photographs

If you are in a tricky situation where you can no longer access your photographs, then don’t panic. There still is a way you can get them back. But before approaching a data recovery expert, you can try to resolve the issue on your own.

Solution: From Backup

If you have a backup of your photographs, it will be easy to recover them. The Google Photos and Samsung Cloud apps usually store a backup of all photographs within your gallery automatically if the sync is turned on.

Step 1: Open the Google Photos app that is installed in your phone.

Step 2: To view the deleted photographs, tap on the ‘Trash’ option which is available on the top left corner of the screen within the menu.

Step 3: You will see a list of deleted photographs. All you need to do is select each of the ones you want to restore.

Step 4: Now click on ‘Restore’.

If the solution above does not work for you, then you will need to download an authorized software to do the recovery for you. To recover photos from Samsung S9, S8, S7, and Galaxy S7 and so on, all you need is a good photo recovery software.

Seeking Professional Assistance

While a photo recovery software can recover your photographs for you, it is recommended that you do not opt for an unauthorized software as this could worsen the damage. Stellar Data Recovery has an advanced tool that is specialized to recover photos from android phones, along with other lost and deleted files. If you are looking for a topphoto recovery software, stellar photo recovery is the tool that you need.

To start off, you can download the trial version wherein you will be able to scan and preview your lost photographs. If you are satisfied with the recovery results, you can go on to purchase the version through which you can recover all your photographs. All it takes is just three steps – Select, Scan and Recover! One special feature of this software is that it cannot only recover deleted photos from your SD card, it can also recover photos saved within the internal storage.

Wrapping Up

Finding that your photographs are suddenly missing can make your heart skip a beat. Photographs are not just captured faces and situations, they are memories and moments that you would want to cherish for a lifetime. But in situations like this, you don’t need to panic. All you need to do is remember that Stellar Photo Recovery software is here for you.

Stellar Data Recovery has been in the recovery industry for two and a half decades. Within this time frame, it has not only successfully served millions of happy customers, but has risen to the top to become a pioneer today. The main features of Stellar Data Recovery that have attracted its strong customer base worldwide are the 95% success rate in data recover and the ‘no recovery, no charge’ policy. So, the next time you find yourself in a data loss situation, just join the satisfied customer list of Stellar!

Timothy Scott