Information about Tourist Locations in Bandung

Information about Tourist Locations in Bandung

Bandung is one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia other than the cities of Malang and Bali. Along with offering trendy organic conditions, fresh air, and a soothing view of tea plantations, it turns out that a few tourist spots in Bandung are hits in 2018 due to their uniqueness. Let’s see a few of these tourist attractions:

Tourist Location at Bandung

There are a Lot of tourist attractions in Bandung. However, some areas are being loved lately because they’re able to attract attention in cyberspace, especially Instagram. Then where’s your tourist place in Bandung that strikes it? Listed below are five of them:

The Maribaya Lodge

One of the most haunted places in Bandung, Both the foreign and local tourists is The Lodge Maribaya. This place is among the very crowded tours in Bandung due to its Instagramable concept. Please visit a few of the photos below.

Tourist Location of TheMaribaya Lodge

How to get to The Maribaya Lodge with Angkot

For those of you that wish to use public transportation efficiently to visit The Dodge Maribaya tourist area, please follow this manual:

If you input Bandung via train accessibility, it will arrive in the Bandung station. By Bandung channel use angkot which extends to Lembang. Black and lotion Angkot (recommended to ask/confirm). Then request the angkot driver to get away in Pasar Panorama Lembang.

From Pasar Panorama Lembang, take an angkotthat goes to Lembang>Maribaya>Cibodas. The angkot is yellow. This public transport will take you in front of the gate of The Lodge Maribaya.

Cikole Tourism Graphic

Tourist Attractions at Bandung, this one became Hits because of the concept that resembled the film The Hobbit, the famous box office movie in the world. Located in a forest region, this tourist spot provides beautiful views combined with the design of ancient European country houses. Very instagrammable!

Cikole Tourist Attractions is located on Jl. TangkubanPerahu

Travel routes to tourist places Cikole Graphics in Bandung, you can get this Google Map link.

The Way to Visit Cikole Tourism Graph

If You Would like to use public transportation to Cikole Tourism Graph, then you should use a bus out of Bandung Station. You only need to arrive at the bus terminal near Bandung Station on JalanKebonKawung. Discontinue at Circle Base. This trip takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Bandung Tourism Spot, this one hits with the concept that combines a natural setting with delicious Indonesian culinary. Besides being able to color your IG with particular photos, in this place you can also satisfy yourself with unique culinary delights.

Located at Jl. 11, Situ Lembang, West Bandung, West Java.

The Way to reach BambuLembang Hamlet

If you want to go to BambuLembang Hamlet using public transport, you may use a bus out of Bandung Station. To reach the BambuLembang hamlet, take the first bus at Bandung Station. Then take the No. 7 bus going into PasarSarijadi, cease at the Sukawarna Urban Lemahkendeut. From there the street contributes to Jl. Sariwangi and Stop at the SariManis TMB Shelter. From there take the bus to Parongpong Terminal Jl. Colonel Masturi. From there walk about 40 minutes to get to BambuLembang Hamlet. Another option is that you simply use an ojek from Parongpong Terminal to its location.


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