Is bitcoin dedicated server worth your money?

Is bitcoin dedicated server worth your money?

As bitcoin becomes a mainstream mode of payment, businesses that accept bitcoin want to make sure that they have the best bitcoin dedicated servers. A web hosting provider that specializes in bitcoin ensures that everything regarding bitcoin is well-taken care of. Why should you consider the one that specializes in bitcoin web hosting, well, it is of the following reasons:

Secure web hosting –

A bitcoin dedicated server ensures that it is up-to-date with the latest technologies and can solve any issues that may come along the way. It ensures optimum security.

Premium bandwidth –

A server dedicated to bitcoin ensures business continuity and application acceleration.

Unlimited domain hosting –

One of the beauty of dedicated server is unlimited domain hosting. You have the option to host and manage as many domains and websites you like.

Unlimited email accounts –

With a dedicated server, you get to create and manage as many email addresses as you want. There is also unlimited auto-responder and other add-ons. That’s the beauty of having a web hosting server that specializes in bitcoin currency.

Round the clock support –

The best web hosting server is the one that provides support 24/7. It is not a hidden fact that many providers don’t employ real humans to handle client’s concern 24/7. While bots can answer basic questions, complex concerns need human response. With a reputable dedicated web hosting provider, you are guaranteed that a real human will help you with your concerns anytime of the day.

99.9% uptime guarantee –

Down time is a big no when it comes to web hosting service. You would want to make sure your business is always up round the clock. If you opt for a bitcoin dedicated server, you will be guaranteed of a 99.9% uptime. Now, that’s something worth your hard-earned money.

Frances Bailey