Top 3 Most Popular Social Networks in Kenya

Top 3 Most Popular Social Networks in Kenya

Kenya is known as the lover of social media. One can easily find a person scrolling social media than reading the newspaper or talking to a strange person while traveling on a bus. Everyone understands the power of social media in Kenya. For this reason, almost every important brand in Kenya understands how dominant the social media platform is. There are various social media platforms widely being put in use, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Even KenyaTalk has got positive responses from the people. It is one of the online forums developed by Kenyan, where one can discuss and talk about a wide range of topics relating to politics, sports, relationships, business, and entertainment. However, when compiled the three most popular social networks in Kenya includes,

  • Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform that is being used by almost all the people of Kenya. It has around 5million active users, which are growing almost every day. Rather, it has become important for all the dominant brands to build their communities on Facebook, which even helps in running digital advertising campaigns. One can easily find even the Kenyan grandparents making use of this platform to connect with their friends and families. Therefore, Facebook has emerged as a dominant, widely used social media platform with a pretty large margin than the other ones in Kenya.

  • Twitter

Twitter is not as popular as Facebook but is the second used social media platforms. It helps the brand growing its presence with the tweets. It was earlier said that people used to buy Twitter Ads in Kenya to fetch a good response from the public. It helped in successfully running digital campaigns. The entire content is presented in a concise format that is known for the good presentation. 

  • Instagram

Instagram got a good response from the celebrities and youth generation of the place. Users enjoyed sharing their filtered images with all the people. Instagram fetched a good response from the people even though it came in the market after Twitter or LinkedIn. Moreover, people made use of Instagram Ads to run their good Kenyan brands. Hence, gaining adoption from a good number of Kenyan brands.

Social media such as KenyaTalk is considered a key driver that has helped enhance the sale of every brand. Therefore, it goes even without saying that the craze of social media is huge in Kenya.

Everett Owensby