Recommended Exciting Museum Tours in Bandung

Recommended Exciting Museum Tours in Bandung

Bandung is well known as one of the family’s favorite tourist destinations. Starting from its natural attractions to culinary delights, Bandung has become a rush of domestic and foreign tourists. However, besides that, there are also various museums in Bandung, which are no less exciting to be an alternative for tourism and vacations. There are many museums in Bandung that you can visit and here are some of the best museums in Bandung for your reference!

  1. Gedung Sate Museum

Gedung Sate is not only an icon of the city of Bandung, this historic building is also a museum tourist destination in Bandung, which contains a variety of the latest technology props. It has a large garden, you can take the children for a walk.

  1. Sri Baduga Museum

The next museum in Bandung is the Sri Baduga Museum, a collection of Geology, Ethnography, Archeology, Biology, History, Numismatics, Heraldry, Ceramics, Philology, Fine Arts, and Technology. With so many types of collections in this museum, this museum tour in Bandung is a must visit.

  1. Geologi Bandung Museum

In one of these Bandung museums, you can see a collection of fossils, rocks, minerals and maps (geology, geophysics, volcanoes, geomorphology, and the like). Various replicas of ancient animals can also be found in this Geology museum. Museum tourism destinations in Bandung are suitable for children’s education.

  1. Pos Indonesia Museum

The next museum in Bandung is the Postal Museum, which collects postal objects such as postage stamps from within and outside the country. In addition, in this museum, some bicycles were used to send letters. Here you can find a collection of golden letters from various kings of the archipelago to the Commanders and Generals of the Netherlands. You should see if any of the stamps are from Thailand.

  1. Puspa IPTEK Museum

Museums in Bandung are then an excellent educational tool. Puspa Science and Technology Museum offers various educational and interactive science and technology games for all ages. The museum building in Bandung is also very unique because it is shaped like the largest sundial in Indonesia by the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI).

  1. Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi Museum

Another museum in Bandung that can be a means of exploring history is the Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi Museum. A collection of remnants of the army’s struggle during the Indonesian colonial period, such as traditional weapons. Some of them are cleavers, kris, swords, machetes, arrows, bamboo swords, and various other types of weapons. There are even various types of military vehicles that you can find in this museum.

  1. Barli Museum

Barli Museum is a museum in Bandung dedicated to a painter from Bandung, Barli Sasmita. Barli’s paintings that have various streams such as realism, impressionism, and expressionism are exhibited in this museum. Now, the Barli Museum has become one of the centers for developing modern art in Indonesia. A suitable place for you fans of art collections.

  1. Konferensi Asia Afrika Museum

Want to know the history of Indonesia? The Museum of the Asian-African Conference in Bandung can be your next museum tourist destination. Here you can see a collection of classified documents, photographs documenting the events of the Tugu Meeting, the Bogor Conference, the Colombo Conference, and the KAA. You can see the history of cooperation between Indonesia and Thailand here.

  1. Kereta Api Ambarawa Museum

The Ambarawa Train Museum is an old train station that has been transformed into a museum. Here you can feel the atmosphere of the old station and travel on an ancient steam train. Your family will feel the sensation of riding an authentic old train.

  1. Pendidikan Nasional Museum

The National Education Museum of the Indonesian Education University was built as a form of UPI’s responsibility as a university to preserve cultural and historical heritage, especially in the field of education. One of the museums in Bandung is a place to store traces of the history of national education and a place for conservation, education, and research.

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Everett Owensby