Summer is the Right Time to Hire Professionals for Office Cleaning 

Summer is the Right Time to Hire Professionals for Office Cleaning 

Summer is a perfect time to focus on adding life to your office. And, this would be one of the best times of the year to pick up the phone and call a professional cleaning service. Scouring cleaners with a professional deep clean service not only creates a clean slate for the change of season but eliminates germs, and prevents employees falling sick. Moreover, it also boosts the productivity of your employee. Did you know you can be exposed to over 10 million bacteria in a single day in an office?

Summer Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are a unique way to display your style and personality in an office setting? But, often your office carpets experience some heavy footfall, and could be harbouring many germs and making you ill, year-round. Yes, what you heard is right; vacuuming regularly can eliminate only around 85% of dirt and soil found in carpet, and cannot guarantee 100% removal. But commercial cleaning companies in Sydney make it possible by providing a deep cleaning service to your carpets.

Did you know all carpet should be professionally cleaned a minimum of every 12 months? If you are looking to get rid of all dangerous bacteria and other pollutants from the office carpet, you essentially have only one choice; hiring skilled professionals for commercial cleaning.

Summer Commercial Floor Cleaning

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself and your employees from illness is maintaining good personal hygiene. Even though the mop and vacuum cleaner do its job on daily basis and help out a little, you need to hire a leading cleaning company during summer to maintain the safety standards of your office by maintaining its health. According to the recent reports, wiping your desk with a specialist cleaner can reduce bacteria level by 99%. Not only the desks, but also the office’s hard floors; so why not get your office clean professionally? Contact the right cleaning company when your employee are on leave over the summer break and schedule in a time to get rid of stains that your busy workforce leaves in their wake.

Consider Office Cleaning While Employees Are Away

Summertime can really take its toll on your office. This is another important reason why summer is the best time for hiring professionals for the office cleaning. No need to deal with germs, dust, dirt, and grime anymore! Hire the professional cleaners during the summer holiday, and make your employees feel fresh, and positive.  It also sparks motivation back into your employees when entering the office after their break.

Jody Greene