The ideal mattress is directly linked for a good night’s sleep – know more about it

The ideal mattress is directly linked for a good night’s sleep – know more about it

A good night’s sleep goes far beyond resting your body after a full day of activity. When we sleep, our body undergoes a series of chemical reactions fundamental to our metabolism. It is as if the body is being recalibrated and ready for the next day. Sleep occurs in cycles and these cycles complete after eight hours – which explains why this is the standard recommendation for hours of sleep. But how to have a good night sleep? The first and foremost step is choosing the best online mattress in India which in itself is a task that requires care. That is why the choice is not so simple.

 What are the stages of sleep?

A normal person does four full cycles a night, about 90 minutes each, totaling eight hours of sleep. While we sleep, our brains act differently at each stage, analyzing all the metabolic functions and secretions that need to be released. Some steps are directly linked to factors such as concentration, memory and stress. Others influence physical factors.

1st phase: is the phase of light sleep. In this phase, body activity slows down, the muscles get lighter and we can feel small contractions, better known as spasms.

2nd phase: heavier sleep onset. Breathing and heart rate decrease, also body temperature.

3rd phase: beginning of deep sleep, and physiological recovery.

4th phase (REM): restorative sleep stage. In this phase there is a reduction in heart rate, and blood pressure. This is when our brain goes into activity. This is where we dream.

It is very important that these phases be completed, as they give us the feeling of being refreshed the next morning. Without a comfortable mattress you cannot sleep well. This is why it is important to buy genuine mattress online in India.

Why is sleeping well important?

A good night’s sleep brings us physical and mental benefits. Studies indicate that sleeping well causes improvement in physical performance, mood, memory and concentration. There is also a relationship with maintaining weight and reducing the chances of developing some diseases. Sleeping poorly can directly affect the immune system, leaving a person more vulnerable to disorders such as stress, diabetes, hypertension, skin problems, etc.

So, if you understand the importance of sleeping well, and how a mattress can make the difference, you will not think twice before buying the best Mattress in India online.

Timothy Scott