The Most Influential Biologists Of All Time

The Most Influential Biologists Of All Time

When we think of a famous biologist the first person to come to mind is Charles Darwin who is most noted for explaining the age old question where did we come from? He was the pioneer concept of evolution, a good book to read to know more is On The Origin of Species that he wrote.

If we go back further in our history another great biologist and philosopher is Aristotle he actually came up with the idea of classification of all living things, so in retrospect Darwin and Aristotle had the idea that life belongs to a group which then related itself back to a primary group of evolved species.

Biology itself is the study of how an organism grows, evolves, functions, and how it applies itself to the rest of its environment. One of the famous individuals from history that made leaps in medical biology is Galen. He was a Greek physician, one of his notable accomplishments was the identification of the larynx and that it generated our voice. As you can see the need for biologists and the role they play in our society is very important. Through research and dedication the puzzles of our own human existence and the role we play in life has started to become apparent.

There are many states that have esteemed universities and colleges that an individual can attend; you can even find a biology program Kansas City area. The United States as well as other countries need more researchers and individuals working in the field. IF you are interested in a exciting and sometimes mysterious world then check out some of the classes that are offered in biology program Kansas City do not hesitate to check them out.

The study of biology covers many fields of interests. It could be the study of animals that is considered biology, the study of nature, and the list can go on from there. The idea of biology just being that we are dissecting a frog is not true. There is a whole world of different fields of study that await an individual who wants to learn and become a biologist.

Biologists do not always work alone, take for example Ulisse Aldrovandi and Conrad Gesner from 1522-1605 together they worked and led a movement to put the study of nature in the forefront. They blazed new trails in this area and were leaders in their chosen field. There are famous duos that have discovered things that the human eye can never see. Take for example James Watson and Francis Crick their discovery in 1962 of how DNA is structured was groundbreaking in its time. Their research led to how we now look at and use DNA for treatment of disease and even down to forensic pathology in crime labs.

There are many breakthroughs that have happened throughout history some by sheer accident and some by dedicated research by individuals. One of the most important things a biologist can have is the love for mystery because our world and universe has so many just waiting to be unlocked. The work that biologists perform is very important to understanding our world and all the species big and small that make up our existence. The study of biology not only helps us understand but also protects certain areas of our ecosystem that are ever changing and still has many more mysteries to unlock from the DNA structures to the next level of mankind’s evolution. We need biologists to help us on our way.

Frances Bailey