Finding the best family law attorney in Quebec: Things that matter!

Finding the best family law attorney in Quebec: Things that matter!


You don’t have to be married in Quebec to file your divorce case here. However, it is mandatory for you or your spouse to have lived here continuously for a period of at least one year, before divorce proceedings can be initiated. Couples can choose to go for a joint divorce application, or one spouse can ask for divorce, based on grounds like separation (at least one year), adultery, mental & physical cruelty. Matters like division of assets, child custody, and spousal support, often become matters of contentions in divorces. Regardless of your situation, you have to hire a family law attorney. Here’s how you can find the best lawyer in Quebec. 

Look for reviews

A good family law attorney, or law firm, will have great reviews. Check what other clients have to say about the lawyer. For instance, if you check for Andrew Heft reviews, you will realize that he has been instrumental for his clients. As a new client, you can always ask your shortlisted attorney for references. 

Insist on a meeting

The first meeting with a family law attorney is an extremely important one. You will understand two important things – First, if the lawyer is interested in your case, and secondly, the possible outcomes of the case. If this is a contested divorce, your family law attorney is going to matter the most, because he is expected to protect your interests. Always insist on a meeting and make sure that you ask all the relevant questions. If you think you are at fault for the divorce, it is necessary to share all details with the attorney, so that you can get unbiased and practical advice. 

Experience, expertise and other factors

The experience and expertise of a family law attorney are aspects you cannot afford to ignore. Ask them about their toughest cases, or the worst that can happen in your case. You can also discuss the possible consequences. For example – How much should you expect from your spouse in terms of child & spousal support? Also, what are the possible reasons why your spouse may not agree to your demands? Your attorney is expected to have experience with different situations and should be able to offer fair and unbiased advice on various aspects. 

Lastly, do discuss the fees and legal expenses. Most family law attorneys like to give an outline of the possible payments to the client in advance. 


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