The Most Innovative Massage Chairs Of 2019

It’s no secret that finding Florida massage chairs store such as The Modern Back is a bit overwhelming. With today’s wide range of styles and features, it’s easy to fall into confusion. You might even end up making the wrong choice when you choose a chair so hastily. And that is why this is an article made just for you.

If you’re looking for a massage chair, and you want it to be the only or the last one you purchase, you need to think about the big picture. This chair must be sturdy enough and comes equipped with all the best features that you will enjoy for a long time.

When it comes to technology and stand out details, opt for high-quality innovation. Here are some of today’s best-selling massage chairs with the features that you’ll want for yourself.

  • The FujimedicKumo Massage Chair

The FujimedicKumo is a wonderful chair with Japanese origins. And you know what they say about Japanese-made items, you can assure yourself that it’s well-built using only the highestquality of materials. The Kumo has a long list of fascinating features, but three elements stand out the most. For one, it has 4D Heated Rollers, which is a known improvement when it comes to traditional massage chairs. This feature delivers deep tissue, spine-focused massages, as if it was the work of a human masseuse. It also has an Advanced Back Scanning Sensor,which responds quickly and accurately in adjusting intensity levels in real-time. The FujimedicKumo from The Modern Back also has the world’s first 3D Knee Technology with heat therapy and air compression combined.

  • The Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-Pro First Class is a classic massage chair with innovative features. Unlike others, the First Class has a combination of S and L Track technology to deliver optimum massage therapy. It also has a 2-Stage Zero Gravity Recline feature, which further enhances the massage experience and allows the user to be in a complete state of relaxation. The Osaki OS-Pro First Class also included a Negative Ionization Therapy generator, which releases negative ions to help treat various disorders such as mild depression.

  • The DreamWave M.8 Massage Chair

The DreamWave M.8 Massage Chair is another impressive model from the legendary Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama and the Shiatsu Master Okabayashi Sensei. This elegant and highly effective chair is packed in incredible features that will surely excite you. For instance, the M.8 has an exclusive DeltaWave 4D engine that uses advanced massage algorithms to mimic the human hands’ touch. It also delivers precise speed and UltraSlow movements to maximize user experience. The DreamWave M.8 also features easy entry and exit side doors, which are exquisitely made and extremely convenient.

Final Word

If you want the best massage chairs for home and office, these are highly recommended. With supreme performance and elegant craftsmanship, you can’t go wrong with any of these chairs. Check out the nearest massage chair showroom near you to get a better look and feel at these wonderful chair models.

Frances Bailey