Top Boys Love and Girls Love Webtoon Websites

Top Boys Love and Girls Love Webtoon Websites

South Korea’s Internet-based manhwa Webtoon now has a favorable position in the comics industry, webtoon is based on the novelty and innovation of technology with mobile devices with large screens.  and broadband internet allows readers to have a great experience when accessing Webtoon from the first time. Webtoon has blown away the paper and ink from the minds of readers, it brings limitless easy storage.  Easy access, they can read anytime, anywhere.  It is this reason that brought Webtoon across the Korean border to reach readers around the world.

Webtoon has loads of fascinating content from Romance, Drama, Mature, Adventure, Horror, Boys Love, Girls Love, Action and even 18+ for adults.  Webtoon is really diverse and constantly expanding from content to food products such as movies and animation, Webtoon is a product that represents life.  In Webtoon we can see many characters, many pieces of life are very close.It is very different from the Marvel comics or American Dc Comics, when the characters live in a fantasy superhero world.  So Webtoon has also contributed his name to become an excellent representative of Korea in the comic industry.  Webtoon has a lot of potential, helping the Korean digital content industry to grow in the comic book market with big names and high competitiveness.

If you are new to Webtoon, start looking for webtoon comics, you cannot ignore the attractive Boys Love and Girls Love and the highlight of Webtoon.  So the biggest question is: Which websites will be the best sites to read Boys Love and Girls Love webtoon for free?  Where will you be able to trust the best webtoon readers and catch up on new trends?  Then this article is for you!  Keep reading until the end to find the most satisfactory answer for me!

  1. Naver Webtoon

Surely this phrase is familiar to almost everyone, especially Korean lovers.  Naver, dubbed Google of Korea, owns the largest search engine portal for Koreans.  In particular, Naver webtoon is a special tool to expand its position in the domestic market.  Naver webtoon focuses countless stories from romance, comedy, horror, romance, action, province, etc. of authors around the world that can be uploaded to the homepage and from there,  attract readership for yourself.  Because of its popularity and the huge amount of user traffic, there is no reason to prevent Naver webtoon from becoming the most reliable place to experience quality products for webtoon enthusiasts.

  1. Manytoon

In the top 2 of this list is Manytoon, the website and also has the best mobile app.Manytoon was put into operation in July 2017, Manytoon has linked and cooperated with  a lot of creators or partners in different countries both in Asia and Europe, creating an enormous amount of website visits, with nearly 10 million readers worldwide, giving Manytoon  a firm foothold in the market.  Compared to Naver operating mainly in the Korean market, Manytoon almost uses English in its applications and websites to internationalize, bringing its image closer to everyone.  Because of its international nature, it is not difficult to understand that Manytoon easily becomes popular among webtoon readers in many countries.  Neighbors, My Aunt, My Stepmom, Secret Friend, The White Room, Project Utopia, My Friend’s Dad, The Unwanted Roommate, Secret Neighbors, Springtime for Blossom, A Nonsense Relationship, Body Trap, Anything for You … are very popular  Manytoon is the number one website about Boys Love, Girls Love, Adult Webtoon, Mature Comics that you should visit once in your life.

  1. Spottoon

Born late, giving birth in July 2018, Spottoon is an English version webtoon website created by the association of webtoon authors, with the desire to prevent illegal translation and circulation and distribution of webtoon.  illegal.  At first, the number of authors updating the stories on this website was somewhat limited, but then gradually improved with more than 200 famous domestic and foreign authors.  However, this is not a completely free webtoon reader website.  After 10 volumes of the story are free to read, you will have to pay an additional fee for each volume.  Like Line webtoon, Spottoon is a bit international, so gradually it has attracted readers in more than 180 different countries to visit.  Naturally, because there is a translation into English, you will not have to worry too much.

  1. Tapastic

Ignoring major markets in the country and Asia, Korean webtoons have started venturing into the fiercely competitive North American market.  Fortunately, it has been loved and recognized by the majority of people here.  Tapastic is one of them.  This is a very reputable website in the North American market, anyone, professional or professional, can launch their own webtoons created for everyone.  This site is inherently not only Korean authors but also countries in this region can participate.  Therefore, if you want more modern European-American works then Tapastic will definitely be a good choice, ensuring you have a great experience with the site.

  1. Manhwa Webtoon

Released in 2013 in the Korean market, ManhwaHentai has not left a deep impression on the readers at that time.  Until 2015, ManhwaHentai invaded Japan and the United States with Japanese and English versions, earning $ 5 million from the world’s most dynamic market.  Manhwahentai offers readers a total of more than 5,000 online titles for global users, an impressive number that not every website can reach, Manhwahentai has brought huge profits since then.  , producing dramas, movies, dramas, … creating a rare diversity.  The movies also somewhat create their own voice, contributing to the reputation and popularity of this site.  If you choose Manhwahentai Webtoon as a place to convey your beliefs, you will never forget this website with thousands of the best webtoon series.  Read Top Manhwa Hentai online for free here is absolutely correct choice.

Above is a list of the 5 most searched websites in Korea in particular and the global market in general.  However, we can not mention all other good quality webtoons such as Tappytoon, Manga Hentai, Seoultoon, Netcomics,, …

With the rapid development of technology and the attraction of webtoon, it is clear that reading helps readers have great moments to entertain.  The top webtoon websites listed in the above list will be a useful tool to help readers find their most suitable website.

Everett Owensby