5 Myths about armored vehicles debunked 

5 Myths about armored vehicles debunked 

What’s your thought about having an armored car? Do you think that it isn’t your cup of tea to get one for yourself? It is often said little knowledge about any important thing can be dangerous.

Back in late 80s, the private automotive segment came up with the concept of armored vehicles. These vehicles were limited to use by government officials and slowly it moved to public sector, where the big market with rich people could only think of buying. It wasn’t made available to the public, as there was no need many thought. But now, with increasing crime rate, terrorist attacks, kidnapping during road travel, many people are thinking to purchase the vehicle to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Only for government executives or celebrities 

Do you think these vehicles are used only by influential people?  It’s a pure myth that it can be used by only by celebrities or politicians.  The scenarios have changed over time as threat levels are raised; it can be used by anyone who can afford.

No difference between armor car and bulletproof car

Before you make the choice between these two, you should know the differences as well. Bulletproof vehicle is just bullet resistant, which means it can withstand bullets penetrating inside the vehicle. It depends on the support of ballistic steel as well as the type of gunshot. The armored vehicle is the bulletproof car that can counter attack the gunfire shot.

You no longer get the look and feel of original vehicle

Though the vehicle is dismantled, the shape or exterior look can’t be disfigured. Usually, the vehicle is operated from the chassis, and then the bulletproof glass and ballistic steel is reinforced. Basically, you are getting the original car with additional security. You don’t need whole world to know that you’re being targeted and that’s why you chose for an armored car. Hence most makers don’t mess up with the exterior look, but only add safer and high-tech security features.

Difficult to travel within city

As said in the above point, makers don’t change the size of the vehicle; adding extra features doesn’t make the vehicle grow in big size. Armoring the vehicle can only increase its weight.

Very expensive

If you can afford regular Toyota Camry or Audi A8 or Chevrolet Suburban, why can’t you invest some more in the name of safety. Nothing is more expensive than your life and the price depends on the type of safety needed, be it in terms of ammunition or ballistic steel.

Hopefully, now you’re well-informed about armored vehicles and if you want to have one for yourself, consider buying it from Troy Armoring company, as they have dozens of vehicles armored with subpar craftsmanship and heavy materials.

Timothy Scott