Complete Process of Gifting a Car to a Family Member During Festive Season

Complete Process of Gifting a Car to a Family Member During Festive Season

After Christmas, its New Year shopping and you will still find deals in stores on computers, household appliances, books, video games, etc. From November to December is the best time to get a great bargain on new cars. Many dealers also try to increase their year-end sales to improve numbers.

Many of us do not think about a new car if it’s to be shipped to a different city, but auto shipping companies can also make that an easy task. No doubt holidays and festivals are tough times because roads are crowded and manpower is limited. However, a good and reputed auto shipping company will give you the best services at a reasonable price, even if it is for long-distance.

Car Shipping Brokers

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How to Ship a Car as a Gift?

  • In the US, every car needs a title, which is issued by the Secretary of State of the state where the vehicle was purchased. Avoid carriers who don’t consider car ownership important and are ready to hand over the vehicle to anyone at the destination.
  • Before sending the car as a gift you will have to satisfy the lienholder (moneylender for the car) to sign on the title certificate to show that you’ve paid off. If you haven’t paid off the loan amount, you can’t ship the car without the lienholder’s approval.
  • If you’re gifting an old car of one of the deceased family members to another member of the family, you will need a simple affidavit from the probate court to make the transfer official. After that, you will need the car title.
  • Before finishing the gifting process, you will have to fill up the title form with your signature, drivers’ license information, and the current car’s odometer reading. After delivery, the gift receiver will have to fill the buyer section and ensure that they fill the sales price as ‘Gift” and nothing else. (The information has to be accurate otherwise the DMV will reject the transfer request.)
  • Ask the gift recipient to get the car insured under their name as soon as they receive it.
  • In many states, you may be asked to bring the car to the license inspection center before shipping it to the gift recipient. This center runs emission test, safety inspection as well as comprehensive backup.
  • Once the recipient receives the gifted car, they have to transfer the title under their name which will be done at the Registry of Motor Vehicle of their state. This will take a few days and some money of course.

Once all formalities and legalities are complete, ask the gift recipient to go through all documents again. If there are any mistakes, they should be corrected immediately. Holidays are hectic and people don’t have time. It is easier and cheaper to ship the car through an auto shipping company. Hire a reliable and best auto shipping company to make the delivery easier.

Clare Louise