Venice Fines Tourists for Making Their Own Coffee

Venice Fines Tourists for Making Their Own Coffee

There are some people who act as if they love something, but deep down their hearts they hate it and it shows in their behavior. The same phenomena occur in Venice when it comes to coffee. In Venice, they simply hate coffee or consider that their coffee is the best in the world. They charge around $40 for two cups, and believe it or not, it is not allowed to make your own coffee in northeastern Italy. If you decide to make your own coffee staying in Venice, the local authorities would fine your over 1,000 dollars for that.

According to a news report that featured in The Independent. A German couple was having a good time near the Rialto Bridge, enjoying the astonishing canal sights. The backpackers from Berlin-presumably as per their normal practice of brewing at their home-started their camp stove to make a nice cup of coffee by themselves.

Little did they know that they were committing a crime, the local police arrested the pair. A city official stated that the couple from Berlin were violating the rules of public decorum and respect.

The ‘crime’ has earned them a total of 950 euros in fines, 650 for the male and 300 for the female. Moreover, they were given a one-way ticket out of Venice.

Venice’s mayor Luigi Brugnaro said, “Venice must be respected and those rude who think they come to the city and do what they want must understand that thanks to the girls and boys of the local police, they will be taken, sanctioned and removed”. He added, “From now on furthermore, we will also report them to the embassies and consulates of their countries of origin.”

You might say that the German travelers were fined for having an open flame at a UNESCO heritage site. But you should consider that if there is a place where you are allowed to light an open flame, that’s by the water, a canal for example.

That’s because if the flame gets out of control and becomes dangerous, you can always kick it into the water and prevent a fire. The worst thing would be some dirty water.

The reality is that the people in Venice hate coffee, especially a coffee other than Italian Coffee.

So if you are a tourist and want to have a sip of coffee by the canal, don’t go to Venice. Go to Paris instead.

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Clare Louise