What can I make from wood to sell?

What can I make from wood to sell?

Do you admire these custom wood signs? Well, we all love their particular flair and interesting designs. Woodworking is becoming increasingly popular, which is why you can start your own business from home. Our craftsmen share their insights next on what to make from wood to sell. Let’s see how you can boost your creativity with unique wood items!

Wooden toys

Kids love playing with all sorts of toys. But if you want to help moms replace those plastic items from their household, you can consider crafting wooden toys. These look amazing in nurseries and are healthier than commercial toys. Besides, wooden toys can represent a nice addition to any family, no matter if it’s a gift or not.

Rustic coat racks

Another interesting wood product you can sell is the traditional coat rack. Such rustic items can become a striking feature on the wall of any home. And if it were to look at this year’s interior design trends, we’d discover that wood products are the go-to solution for a stylish interior.

Picture frames

One of the easiest items you can make from wood is picture frames. These inexpensive decorations can make a home welcoming immediately. It is a timeless piece of frame that will always be in demand. So, if you’re looking forward to a profitable woodwork project, this might be the perfect choice for you.

Wooden utensils

A kitchen can look more stylish with a set of wooden utensils. No matter if you’re designing spoons, forks, or other items; these will look amazing in any kitchen. And the best part about wooden utensils is that they can be both functional and ornamental.

Plant boxes

One of the best materials to use for your plant’s pots is wood. So, you can get your creativity running and sell wood items for those precious plants. Wood plant boxes are beautiful, eye-catching, and functional. Besides, they are simple to craft and decorate.

Fruit bowls

One of the most popular kitchen items you will find in any home is the fruit bowl. And many homeowners prefer using wood fruit bowls instead of plastic ones. Make sure you make the best out of your creativity and use fragmented pieces of wood. These are the most popular wooden fruit bowls you can sell with ease.


One of the first wooden items people bought was the birdhouses. These small and stylish boxes serve an aesthetic and practical role: they offer shelter to those precious birds. You can use cedar, redwood, or even cypress to create a gorgeous item for every bird-enthusiast out there.

Custom wood signs

Well, many people look for unique decorative items for themselves or for a beloved one. And a custom wood sign can be exactly that. It can take the form of a flag, an important message, or a peculiar image. But no matter how you decorate it, a custom wood sign is a top choice for selling online.

The bottom line

Wood is versatile and can embellish any home instantly. So, you can make one or more of the items listed above to start your own small business! 

Everett Owensby