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Data entry is not a new term to come into existence. It is as old as the computers themselves. However, since more and more companies are outsourcing their clerical work, there is a rise in the popularity of data entry jobs. And ever since data entry jobs have gained popularity, there are more and more job opportunities in the market. Pick any location on the map, and you can find Data entry jobs for that particular city.

For instance, you can find data entry jobs in Goa.

Qualification & Skills

Data entry is essentially the process of entering data from non-electronic external sources into a computer database. Hence, to get a data entry job you must have excellent typing skills. You need to be able to type at least 50 to 80 words per minute. In fact, some positions may require a typing speed of over 80 words per minute.

In terms of qualifications, data entry is a great way to find jobs for 12th pass students. While it doesn’t take much in terms of qualifications, data entry jobs require the following skills:

  • Basic Knowledge Of Software: People in data entry need to have basic software knowledge because they have to work with word processors, databases, spreadsheets and related software on a daily basis.
  • Written and verbal communication skills: Data entry employees must communicate frequently with inside as well as outside teams to provide feedback on any issues they may come across. It could be regarding incorrect data or might be some database issues.
  • Fast and Proficient Typing: As mentioned earlier, this is one of the key skills. It is essential for the success of individuals in data entry since they will need to work with large quantities of data entry within a limited period of time. They must ensure to type fast and accurately to avoid any mistakes.
  • Self-motivated: Data entry is a very self-dependant job. You need to work alone and thus, it is important to have self-motivation when working with mundane and monotonous tasks.
  • Detail Oriented: Data entry professionals need to pay keen attention to detail while inputting any form of data.


An average data entry operator, without any prior experience, can earn up to INR 1.4 LPA which is roughly 12k per month. Of course, just like any other job with experience, this pay scale can rise up to INR 2.4 LPA and more. However, the salary depends strongly on many factors such as company budget, candidate experience, job location, etc. Data entry jobs in Goa will have a different pay scale as compared to Data entry jobs in Delhi, and so on.

Beware Of Scams

While it is a known fact that data entry jobs can be easily found online, you must be ready to differentiate between a scam and a genuine job offer. Since many companies allow remote work in data entry, these jobs don’t necessarily involve going to an office and meeting your employer. Hence, there have been numerous cases of online fraud in the face of work from home data entry jobs.

If a job advertisement is paying you suspiciously high, it is probably not the right place to apply. Always search for jobs on established online job portals. Do not ever give out your personal information such as bank information or phone number without being a hundred percent sure that you are applying at a genuine place.

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