Positive Effects of Steroids in The Body 

Positive Effects of Steroids in The Body 

Many of us do believe in having a perfect physique a good fit body, but most people are unable to get the best results because of various reasons, hormones, weight issues, being anorexic or being overweight or unable to grow muscle even after going to a fitness centers, many factors do revolve around because of these factors, in males, there is testosterone which is a male hormone that has same effects of androgenic and anabolic effects. The effects are known to give bone density, growth in muscles, rapid recovery from any injury. These effects are usually responsible for maintaining the characteristics in males, which Does include muscle mass, penis, testicles, facial hair, and deepened voice. This testosterone is called male sex hormones. In a woman, it does occur, but in a lesser amount, there are some medical usages of anabolic steroids. However, most of the men and women do take anabolic steroids, which is illegal from drug dealers, which are of inferior quality in order to gain muscle mass. Some users of anabolic steroids do misuse the steroids. However, these steroids are taken with someone’s advisory. Most commonly, professional athletes and bodybuilders abuse anabolic steroids. Adults and teens who feel they will look fit and muscular after taking steroids they also sometimes abuse.

How anabolic steroids work on the body? 

Anabolic steroids imitate the properties of natural hormones that occur in the body.

The receptors which are present in the muscle cells respond to the different hormones. Similar chemical composition is found in anabolic steroids like in testosterone; therefore, these compounds activate testosterone receptors. Once these receptors in the body are stimulated, it gives a

domino effect of the metabolic reactions which take place, and drug starts instructing the body to increase the muscle tissue production.

Few forms of steroids

The steroids come in the form of capsules, tablets, and injectable liquids, depending on which brand the user uses. The slang terms are used as juice, gear or roids.

Effects of steroids on the body 

Many users who use anabolic steroids usually experience an increase in muscle gain and strength very quickly. This means that the users train more often and that too long a period of time, with recovery getting improved.

This leads to an increase in lean muscle tissue. The intake of these steroids generally increases the chances of fluid retention, which is common and may lead to muscles looking bloated or soft.

Dependence of steroids

If a person is having a positive impact on the body and is driving the user to use anabolic steroids more often, then it can be difficult to give up on these steroids just to maintain the positive body image later, which may affect the health of the user. This Dependence is known to be psychological Dependence, which leads to anxiety, depression, and anger if the access of steroids is denied even on a temporary basis.

Points to be remembered while using steroids

Anabolic steroids are synthetic variants of the men hormone testosterone. Many health care facilities do prescribe steroids to treat many various medical issues. There are few bodybuilders and athletes which misuse the drugs to boost the performance of the body and improve physical appearance. Many users abuse anabolic steroids, which are usually taken orally and inject the steroids in the muscles or apply the steroids with cream or gel. The users of steroids misuse steroids at a different scheduled time. Misuse of steroids may lead to short term effects like aggressiveness, extreme frustration, delusions, paranoid jealousy, impaired judgment, and other effects. The users of anabolic steroids may risk the chances of even contracting HIV/AIDS or even hepatitis.

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