What Is the Difference Between Hybrid and Laminate Flooring?

What Is the Difference Between Hybrid and Laminate Flooring?

These two flooring categories – hybrid and laminate flooring can be easily confused as both floors can be installed in rafts and also use an almost similar method of installation. Both of them can lock together by using a locking system and are usually installed with certain perimeter raft breaks for allowing the product to move wherever needed.

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Let us compare them on the following parameters:


  • Hybrid floors             Sturdy and advanced construction
  • Laminate floors – Sturdy and advanced construction

Almost the same, however, hybrid floors have a slight edge


  • Hybrid floors            Easy to install
  • Laminate floors – Easy to install

However, laminate floors are the winner here.


  • Hybrid floors ­-            Affordable particularly compared to timber
  • Laminate floors – Much more affordable than even hybrid floors.

Laminate floors are the winner here.


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  • Hybrid floors – Available in more than 100 styles and colours.
  • Laminate floors – Also, available in more than 100 styles and colours.

A tie between hybrid and laminate floors


  • Hybrid floors            100% waterproof
  • Laminate floors – Though water resistant, but they are not waterproof

Hybrid floors are the winner here


  • Hybrid floors            Very hard and durable
  • Laminate floors – Also, very hard and durable

However, laminate floors are a little more durable comparatively.


  • Hybrid floors            Usually they are softer on the surface, comfortable and springy, especially because of their underlayment
  • Laminate floors – They are slightly harder on any surface, but also quite comfortable with a good underlayment.

Hybrid floors are better here comparatively.


  • Hybrid floors            Much easier to clean because of their waterproofness.
  • Laminate floors – A little difficult to clean than Hybrid Floors, however, still they much easier as compared to any other floors

Hybrid floors are the winner here.


  • Hybrid floors            They are easy to install, and hence also easy to repair too
  • Laminate floors – Same in the case of laminate floors too.

A tie between hybrid and laminate floors

Therefore, if you are considering having carpets on your floor with the help of any commercial carpet companies chosen from the website of the Flooring Domain, then you must make sure that you make your decision whether you are going for any of the options offered by these two types of flooring.

There will be plenty of laminate flooring contractors near you with whom you can discuss and find the total cost of your project so that you can see whether your budget will allow you to go for either of the flooring options as we discussed and compared under various parameters.

Usually, laminate floors are infused with a certain resin, and as a result, it can be a little economical option for you. If your budget allows then you can also hire any resin flooring contractors who can help you to go for a laminate floor for your home or office, wherever you may need it.

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