Why The Development Of ISO 26262 Has Been A Revolutionary Change

Why The Development Of ISO 26262 Has Been A Revolutionary Change

ISO 26262 is a device which is used for the increase of safety and security in cars. It minimises the risk of systemic failures as well as increases the margin of error in artificial intelligence system in automobiles. In an overview of ISO 26262 it can be said that it is comprised with nine normative parts and a guideline some of those can be divided in further sub parts…


The particular part specifies the key commanding terms like fault versus error versus failure and it also highlights the differences between them making the voice command more efficient and applicable for public uses.

Management of functional safety

This part of ISO 26262 deals with the oval safety measurements and projects dependent safety management. It also works with safety management regarding the issues of production operations service commissioning and decommissioning.

Concept phase

This particular part includes several definition, for example hazard analysis assessment of risk and also performs functional safety concepts.

Product development on system level

Most of the topics for product development at this particular level explains in the fourth part of ISO 26262 along with several other concept that deal with safety system and item integration, validation and testing.

Product development on hardware level

This part deals with most of the topics that includes product development on hardware level, for example specifications of safety requirements on hardware, evaluation of architectural hardware matrix, evaluation of proper safety goal violations that was caused by random hardware failures and it deals with verification and Hardware integration.

Product development on software level

This particular part of ISO 26262 provides information on general topics for development of products especially all software level. Specifications of software safety requirements are included within this system and it also tries to develop and modify software architectural design.

Production, decommissioning and operation of service

As the title follows this part plays the role of planning for production, service, and operation and also on decommissioning.

Supporting processes

This part of ISO 26262 includes interfaces insurable distributed development for example safety requirements of Management, managing of configuration, change of Management verification, managing of documentation, building confidence in the use of software tools, proper qualification and modification on the development of software tools, qualifying software components, evaluation in elements that are used for Hardware, prove him within the use of argument and rhetoric, interfacing of any application which is out of shape of ISO 26262, and also operates integration on issues that are related with safety and system.

Timothy Scott