Honda Activa 5G Pros & Cons

Honda Activa 5G Pros & Cons

When it comes to buying a two-wheeler, all that we know and are familiar is with Honda brand. This particular brand is just associated with our mind and hearts. The Honda Activa 5G two-wheeler model, is all made of with style, design, classic feel is all that makes us keep thinking about this brand itself. Of course, it is not necessary to remind about the brand name and reputation, as it is in the market since decades and since then it has been grabbing places in our hearts.

It is true that, we cannot actually say no to Honda vehicles and automobiles, especially the two-wheelers. Speaking of which, recently launched Honda activa 5G colors has acquired a large space in the hearts of youngsters. Yes, not just the young bloods, the vehicle have even comfortable and preferrable for all age group people here. The model is light-weighted, can travel miles, and provides a perfect comfort to a great extent for sure.

However, here we will know a few more details about Honda Activa 5G that would include the advantages and disadvantages of this model merely.

Honda Activa 5G: Advantages & Disadvantages

You can simply look for pros and cons of Honda Activa 5G that would be very much assisting for you to decide if you should go up for this particular model or not! Are we ready?

  1. Lightweight model

Honda Activa 5G is already known for its light weight quality and feature, and there you can simply go for this particular model if you are looking for something not much of handling and heavy. The handling of this vehicle is a lot simple as compared to other models and vehicles of the same price and features.

  1. 4 in 1 lock mechanism

Another best Honda Activa 5G features that we actually need in our day to day machine life. This particular system and the mechanism is quite great for using the vehicle conveniently and comfortably just open, close and retract the seat and the hook altogether. This lessens the efforts that we put into the open and close the seat.

  1. Instrument console

A feature that helps with Activa 5G mileage and which also reduces the fuel usage efficiently. However, this feature is available only in the Honda Activa 5G deluxe model to be true, but this characteristic is very much beneficial to be your vehicle service reminder. The ECO speed indicator or a reminder in the vehicle helps you to figure out the speed that is safe for fuel usage.

Cons of Honda Activa 5G

  1. Similar to previous model

Yes, though all the features and benefits have a great difference among them, however, it still looks the previous model of Honda Activa and this might create confusion or it can even make it look somewhat out of fashion as well.

  1. No external fuel-filling

If compared with the its competitors, you will see that activa 5G, lacks this particular feature of fuel-filling and also that’s how it might also be not much among the two-wheeler fans, when it is about the Honda activa 5G on road price too.

  1. The missing storage compartment

Yes, however, the knee room is well built and manufactured, but the brand has missed a parcel hook that is mostly preferred by all of us. Nothing much to worry though, the vehicle has covered the storage factor with a full capacity of under seat storage comprising of 18 litres that would be comfortable to a high extent.


Hence, you can also go through the Honda activa 5G images on the internet and check for the colors if you are looking for variants in the model. Hope this have actually helped you to choose this particular model as your ride with the best price available.

Everett Owensby