Rummy it is game of cards which is played in India on several occasions or when you are with your friends. Now a day’s rummy is so much trending that it is available on mobile and internet. There you can just sign up for free or with some little amount of registration fees equal as free. Then there you are to play with the other online player. Rummy is game of a card, which is basically originated from the United States. The question is How to play rummy. It is generally played by more than two people.  In game of rummy you have arrange the cards in a manner of matching the according to the rank and same suit. The target of the game is to form the meld comprising of the sets three or four kind of the same rank of the matching suit. Indian rummy number of players involved is generally from two to six. According to the number of the players in the game, the number of the decks is involved. 

Like two decks are played in two or three player, for player four to six there we use three decks in the game. There is also the use of the joker in the game with the involvement of four jokers in player of two to three and six jokers when there are four to six players. The players take their chance one by one in order of the clockwise rotation. There is very much demand of the skills, knowledge and experience of the game for playing the Indian rummy. It takes lots of practice to learn perfect this game and become a pro player. The more you play this game the more you will learn and become experienced in it.  The main aim of the game is to form the sequence or pattern from the cards.  

A legitimate declares must have lowest amount of two runs and out of these runs one run must be pure. The second run can be pure or non-pure. The one run, which is pre, is referred as First life while the second run which pure or non pure is known as Second Life. Whichever First Life or Second Life should have 4 or more cards. On a convincing declare the scores of the rest of the players are calculated. And for the other players there unmatched cards points are totaled up. If they have the first life and second life run then they are counted unless they are counted as unmatched cards. The presence of the unmatched cards will lead to the deduction of the eighty points in the player total points. It is important to play the game as per Rummy Rules without any cheating. Player’s should also look out for other players and should look them what they are up to. You should take the decision with free and easy mind because decision taken in hurry will only lead to the loss of the points and will end up losing the game.    

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