Why Wet Grinders Are Compulsory Appliance In The Kitchen?

Why Wet Grinders Are Compulsory Appliance In The Kitchen?

In modern era wet grinders have become a compulsory part of the kitchen. They not only make our work smooth but also assure us of the necessity to preserve the nutrients of the ingredients that we are employing in them. They are boon to our modern and busy lifestyle.

Wet grinders are the grinding machines that are employed to grind coconut, soaked grains, lentils, etc. into a fine paste. These are fabricated for grinding in huge quantities. Paste required making vada, medu, dosas, and idlis can be made easier now. Also, the wet grinders are also employed for grinding the masalas or chutneys on a mass scale. Some of the advanced models consists of an Atta kneader that can be employed to knead many kindsof dough. One can find all the type in the most popular Kitchen Appliances Online market.

If one wishes to buy a wet grinder from online market. The facts below consists of everything about this surprisingly.

Why a Wet Grinder is required?

Most of the families in modern daysrequire a wet mixer grinder to make dosas, idlis, vadas, etc. at home only on a daily basis. This kind of grinding appliance is better than the regular grinders because:

  • It works faster and works more efficiently
  • It can prepare all ingredients into a smooth batter
  • It can be used repeatedly for a long time duration
  • It can be also used to make different pulses and grains in huge quantity
  • Grinding in this kind of appliance can use the genuine flavor of the grains or pulses

What are the main types of Wet Grinders?

There are usually two kinds of Wet Grinders:-

  • Tilting Wet Grinder: – A tilting wet grinder occupies less space. In the smaller houses, these kind of grinders is more selected. These appliances are fabricated with the rolling stones that do not make loud noise. With the wet grinding capacities, these are also found to have dry grinding capabilities as well.
  • Table-Top Wet Grinder: – The wet grinders are movable and can be situated on top of the table due to its small size and easy-t-maintain characteristics. Wet grinders can be employed for various types of grinding applications like pulping of vegetables for the soups, making a variety of chutneys and makinga batter for the dosas, vadas, and idlis.


  • Before you begin using your wet grinder, the drum and stone assembly should be cleaned and then set the drum.
  • When you set the drum onto the grinder, Make sure you handle it in a gentle manner till it is fixed in its position.
  • Don’t use the grinder when it is empty, and don’t try to open it when it is still running.
  • Try to keep it dry all the time

When you purchase the best-wet grinder in India, you would also require to ensure that you maintain it in the best manner. Ensure the unit is placed on a smooth platform or it will malfunction The unit also stop if there is low belt tension or inadequate water.

Also, for best output, you should grind dal and rice one by one; better grind rice first and then dal.

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