Things you must know about Polycord

Things you must know about Polycord

The polycord is also known as polyurethane cord or urethane cords. They are the standard materials primarily used for manufacturing O-rings and polyurethane belts.Polycord is used for creating the roller-to-roller O-rings, O-rings, divert O-rings and so on. They usually come is spools of diverse diameters ranging from 3/8”, 3/6”, 1/8”, 1/4”, 5/6”, etc. And the durometers range from 80A-95A respectively. The textures of the polycord usually created in orange/green, high tension, standard, reinforced. Sometimes the colors also differ considerably. The colors are also applied for denoting the length and usability of the products.

Here is a list of the common uses of every single texture—

  • Standard- The standard is used for usual activities. You can choose any of them depending on your choice or the tenacity.
  • Orange is mainly used for diverting the applications while transferring the boxes in between conveyers.
  • High-tension wires are for the heavyweight items that usually come in various colors such as red, green, blue etc. depending on the maximum weight.

Check out some pros and cons of using the polycord vs. prewelded poly O-Rings: –

It is a cheaper option over the prewelded poly O-rings. But you have to buy the welding tool or the kit necessary.

The former ensures no tearing down of machines. On the other hand, the downtime is more. This is again a matter of concern.

The polycord is always easier to apply while you need more manual labor for using the prewelded poly o-rings. This should be in your mind before choosing the one for commercial benefits.

You have the freedom to resizing the polycord per your choice while for the poly o-rings, you might have to face higher rate of errors which might slowdown the productivity.

Moreover, before placing the order of polycord, know the diameter, durometer, cut length, texture and color.

Everett Owensby