What Are Some Water Purification Filters That Really  Work?

What Are Some Water Purification Filters That Really  Work?

It is no longer news that every home must be equipped with clean, healthy, and potable water. The importance of having clean water in your home cannot be emphasized. The benefits spread across every member of your household and even to the smallest non-living thing. Water is life! It is essential for your health and overall wellbeing. In addition to clean water helping you to stay healthy, it also helps to save a lot of money, which you could have spent on making trips to the hospital.

You may be able to survive for several weeks without food, but you can’t go on for weeks without water. Your body cells need enough water to stay alive. We do not mean any kind of water from anywhere you cared less about. The water you are feeding your cells with must be clean, healthy, and safe for drinking because drinking contaminated, unpurified water is as dangerous as not having water to drink. So, if you are bathing your cells with water, it must be clean, purified, and safe for drinking.

How does the Black Berkey purify water?

 The formulation of the media absorbs and adsorbs contaminants, depending on their formulations. An Ion exchange process electrically bonds heavy metals ions – also known as mineral molecules- to the media. The pores in this system of adsorption can even block water contaminants that are smaller than them. This is how they can remove submicron viruses without the use of chemicals such as iodine and chlorine.  This Ion exchange process attracts heavy metal ions such as cadmium, chromium, copper, mercury and others to the media where they electronically bond to it.

 Each water molecule passes through the filter elements at a slower rate than that of other types of filtration systems; they stay in contact for a longer time with the media, allowing more contaminants to be effectively removed from the water.  The advanced technology took years of diligent, investigative research to develop and refine. The team involved included water purification specialists, researchers and engineers and much testing and proving was required.  The flow rate of the water through the Black Berkey purification elements ensures the greatest volume of removal of all contaminants.

What is each Black Berkey purification element made out of?

Composed of a formulation of more than six media types, the Black Berkey is constructed into a very fine matrix which creates millions of micro-fine pores that don’t allow bacteria, cysts, parasites, sediment or sedimentary minerals to pass through. The elements also remove herbicides, pesticides, organic solvents, VOC’s, foul tastes and odors from the water. These pollutants are physically trapped in a process known as microfiltration.

Why you need to purify your water

The majority of us get our drinking water from the municipal, which is treated to an extent. But, this water may not be safe for drinking because it was treated or disinfected with chemicals such as chlorine. Some other locations may have limescale deposits which can result in blockage of pipes and damage to appliances. These are just a few of the problems many people encounter with water at the point of delivery. These problems can be solved with water purification filters.

You need to purify your water from chemicals as they can be toxic to your organs. You also need to purify your water to make it free from the unpleasant taste, color, and odor. Drinking and using purified water in your household is a major investment in the good health and wellbeing of your family.

Conclusively, if you are looking for a water purification filter, you should choose carefully. Know the impurities or contaminants in your water so that the water filter you are buying can give desired results.

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Everett Owensby